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25 creative habits you need to succeed

By The Citizen
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The legendary Earl Nightingale had immense influence on people through his inspirational teachings. His teachings helped many of his early followers to achieve the potentials and make remarkable contributions to the evolution of the personal development industry created by Allen James.

Achieving individual goals and attaining full potentials requires discipline and some set of habits. These habits are present in many people but need to be activated and use rightly. One of the common habits of all successful people is the creative habit. Creativity in itself is an embodiment of many other attributes. Creativity makes winners. You need to be creative to distinguish yourself in this age of stiff competitions.

Earl posited that all creative people are intelligent but not all intelligent people are creative. Being creative is to be flexible in adopting the right strategy as demanded by the current situation. Creative habits can be consciously noticed and develop in order to us to be effective in the achievement of our desire goals. For you to completely maximize your creativity quotient (CQ), you need to develop the following habit as taught by Earl Nightingale. They are already in you in various degrees.

Drive: You must have a desire and manifest it by setting goals of what you want to achieve. You must be determined to work hard to achieve your goals.

Courage: This is tenacity of purpose, having the gut to go after that you desire. You must have the mental and moral zeal to push ahead.

Goals: Without goals, nothing can be achieved. You must aim at something. The effective way to set goals is to write them down, plant it on your mind and set out the action plans.

Knowledge: Thirst to know and constantly update yourself. Knowledge is like a navigator on the journey to your goals.

Good Health: Health is wealth. Exercise to be mentally and physically fit.

Honesty: Be forthright, honourable. Show integrity. Do not be afraid to say or do the right thing.

Optimism: You must be a solution-oriented person, cheerful and positive in thinking, be part of the solution.

Judgement: Search for the fact, evaluate the situation, seek to understand first before judgement, make informed decisions.

Enthusiasm: Fight for your goals, live life fully, be enthusiastic.

Chance Takers: Do not fear failure. Do what need to be done on time, take a calculated risk, and do what others don't want to do.

Dynamic: Be energetic, have choices, always be on the move to achieve your goals.

Enterprising: Be courageous, never be afraid of the unknown, be an opportunity seeker.

Persuasive: Know how to sell, be able to motivate others, take inspired actions.

Outgoing: Make friends easily but with a choice. Encourage people.

Good communicators: Have good verbal communication skill, express yourself clearly, and exude confidence.

Patient and Impatient: Creative people are patient with others but impatient with themselves. Accommodate others and seek to drive yourself more to achieve your goals.

Adaptable: Resilience not rigid in thinking and action. Be flexible and intelligent in approach.

Perfectionist: Always drive for the highest degree of excellence.

Sense of Humour: Laugh easily, enjoys a good story and sometimes creates comic relief out of their situation.

Versatile: Ability to combine more than one goal and achieve them well.

Curious: Inquisitive, thinking deeply to have full understanding.

Individualistic: Creative people do things the way they believe it should be done. They are independent.

Idealist: Guided by ideas. Make realistic efforts to achieve their objectives.

Imaginative: Think outside the boundary or conformity, judge wisely and take action. Try new combinations.

Earl Nightingale noticed substantial numbers of these habits to be present in every human being in various degrees. Each of the habits can be taken and developed on.

Your success is the sum total of your daily activities. Habits play a huge role in the achievement of your goals. Start achieving excellence today by deliberately working on your habits.

You will succeed!
Truly Babs.