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Guru Marahaj Ji Needs Help (3)

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Guru Marahaj Ji also criticized pastors for not having the power to see visions. Listen to him, “Yet, these pastors, who claim to have knowledge and power, couldn't see vision about all these plane crashes all over the place. Our leaders should remove this wool that has been used to cover their faces by these religious leaders. There is no way you claim to be a servant of the Most High, and He will not reveal events that are to happen to you. But do these religious leaders see anything?” Imagine that!

I don't see this our Guru as a very spiritually intelligent person. Or how could a mortal make this kind of blunder. There is no human being that knows or sees everything about this life. True! If there is, then the person automatically becomes omniscient. Now, before we proceed, I will like to ask this guy some questions. If he says that he sees and knows everything, why is his mission (cult) not booming as it used to be? Why is his members deserting him and divulging abominable secrets about his operations? Why didn't see and stop them before the damage? Why didn't he know that he was going to spend months in jail for being accused of murder and human rituals in 1999? Maharaj Ji was charged with the crime along with twelve disciples, and was kept in jail for several months but was acquitted in 2000. Before then, in 1989, his former members claimed that 200 bodies were buried around his camp. Maharaj Ji was arrested but the charges were later dropped. Why did he give false predictions, eg, in 2004, he predicted that John Kerry would defeat George W. Bush. But that didn't come to pass? Etc. Guru the mighty seer indeed!

Now, listen. Why do false prophets and agents of darkness talk like this? This is because they are sometimes empowered to see into the spirit realm by the spirit of divination, familiar spirits, python spirits, etc. And they can sometimes tell you things that will definitely baffle you. But, those things don't move us because we already know their source. Look at that little girl with the spirit of divination in Acts 16.16-19; by the power of the demons in her, she was able to say accurately who Paul and Silas were and what their missions in Philippi was. But, after some days of manipulation, Paul through the Holy Spirit was able to discern that though the girl was correct, but that it was a demon spirit speaking through her to evade detection and possible exorcising. And he commanded it to leave immediately. This old serpent!

In fact, the original translation of that spirit on the girl is Python Spirit. It can also come in other forms. Guru said his own is twittering bird. I have personally seen a person that sees and hears directly from mermaid in a mirror. This is also what these false prophets, diviners, sorcerers, psychics and their kindred use today. They use it to manipulate, enslave, deceive, mesmerise, initiate, possess, dupe, divert and destroy their ignorant and gullible victims. This also happens in some places you call places of worship today. It is this same old serpent, devil, dragon, Satan, father of all deceit and lies in operation.

But, is it true that pastors don't see? No! We see true visions from God. God shows you things when He wants to know and act on them. The bible said that the secret things belong to God and the things revealed belong to men, so that they would walk in obedience to Him. Unlike Guru and the false prophets, we don't claim, brandish or merchandize visions, signs, wonders and miracles to impress anyone. There is no need for that. We are not looking for customers. We only declare exactly what God wants us and others to know. God can even show you something just for your personal consumption. True! So, seeing vision does not automatically make you a man of God. And more importantly, God will only show you the things He wants you to know. And He will not owe you any explanations. Yes!

Then, it is also very important that we point out that it is this insatiable and uncontrolled appetite by humans to know all about the future, past and present that has led millions into occultism today. Perpetually trapped. It is the same thing that brought about the fall of man from origin – the urge to know the unknown, everything. Just listen to Satan talking to Eve in the Garden of Eden, “you won't die!' the serpent hissed. God knows that your eyes will be opened when you eat it. You will become just like God, knowing everything, both good and evil.” Ageless deceit! And man fell! This is still his strategy today. He will always promise to make you know even the things himself does not know. Or to give you things as if he created or owned them. Be warned! We will continue next week. I pray that you be released from every manipulation of the enemy today in the mighty name of Jesus – Amen! God bless you!

Rev. Agbo is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer and a minister with the Assemblies of God Nigeria . Tel: 08037113283, E-mail: [email protected]

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