Ohakim Goes 'gaga', Slaps Activist In Gov't House Orders Arrest Of Azike & Max Uba

Source: Citizen Reporter - ukpakareports.com
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The Governor Imo State Ikedi Ohakim is in the news yet again for the wrong reasons and this time around, his spin doctors may not be able to weave him out of the scandal, according to information from the Eastern Heartland.

The Governor practically threw his high position to the wind and descended to the low personally beat up a political beat up a political activist, Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, the facilitator of an initiative for good governance in the state called SLAP initiatives who has been staging a one man war against i.e. perceived wrongs and misrule of the State Governor by sending letters and emails to the State House of Assembly on the need for it to probe the Governor and some of his cabinet members and bring them to book.

Iwuoha has been doing this, according to him to draw attention to the wrong doing of the Governor and how he has been lining his pockets with the State's money Iwuoha had told how the Governor and members of his kitchen cabinet had been stealing Imo State's money running into billions of naira while impoverishing the people who voted them in his allegation had all been backed by facts, figures and picture. But the governor would not take such lying low and instead of using decent and legal means to settle the matter, he decided to go the other way by beating up Iwuoha almost to a point of death.

We gathered that on Wednesday, 20 January, the State Police Command to arrest Iwuoha and charge him accordingly. The commission had put a call to the SLAP Facilitator to report to the SLAP Facilitator to report to the Imo State Police Command but since it was late, the man told the CP that he would make it the next day. But early the following day, the Governor dispatched policemen from the Govt. House who stormed Iwuoha's house in a commando style and abducted him immediately they got into the Government House, Ohakim was said to have pounced on the man, tore his clothes to shreds and proceeded to flog the living daylight out of the man who had exposed his misdeeds.

The beating we learnt, went on for 3hours, with the Governor leaving him to attend to some State function s and coming back to continue beating at a point Iwuoha was aid to pass out but the beating continued unabated. His saving grace came when the CP sent his men to arrest him but was told some policemen had earlier come to pick him to send his boys to pick the comatose Iwuoha who was dumped into a cell even in the condition he was in. when he came to the next day, the CP hurriedly charged him to a Magistrate Court but the Magistrate refused to prosecute him seeing that Iwuoha could not even stand up to take his plea. The learned Magistrate told the CP to take the sick man to the hospital.