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Ladies’ Hearts Are Not For Sale Their Time Is…

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Believe it or not, money still intoxicates rich men. They did not get the memo that women now have their own money and better still, they do not mind yours. Yeah, it could be Senator Ahmed Sanni, Tiger Woods, Janet Jackson new husband, Kofi Bryant and you! Slavery has been abolished centuries ago and modern “slaves” do not demand much anyway. In reality, what the rich are buying is time until the pretty lady sings.

Recent educational relationship between sugar daddies and sugar babes news, focused on an internet site where they mutually meet. The sugar daddies pay for the university education and the sugar babes remain handy for four years. What is not clear is how longer the babes stayed sponsored. A long term study may be needed to that find out. It is not new though, in those days, we call them bad girls. Now, they call them smart girls.

They are smart in the sense that they are not at the mercy of some pimps because they love sex, they manage their sexual business very well and they do not feel exploited. After their college years, the contract can be renewed depending on how they feel. It is the older guys that put women on the pedestal as trophies, that may be left holding the bags once the ladies are self sufficient and ready to move on with the love of their lives.

Many of the girls have complimentary praise for their sugar daddies as if they are charitable organizations that lend a helping hand to girls in need of sponsors to good universities in face of increasing higher educational cost. Since most of them will be left out of university without these generous treat, they think it is the best way into Lagos State University or Ivey League colleges since they have become too expensive.

There is much more to women than meets the eye. It is the way they are created to dazzle and mesmerize us. Otherwise there is no reason a man would be ready to die just on the promise of forty-two virgins in heaven. We like to fool ourselves even when we know we are not physically up to the task of two or three women on earth, not to mention much more in heaven. You see, the spirit may be willing but the body is weak.

Unlike men, women do not expect to buy men forever, not because they are smarter, which they are but because they are better grounded than men realizing how long a toy boy can last them. No matter how old the man is, a twenty-two year old can twist the brain of a man old enough to be her father, and we all know it. So whenever a man thinks he is in control, women just smile.

Zsa Zsa Gabor once said any woman that tells a man she is smarter must be a fool. The more a woman fools a man that he is in control the better for her. Men get that sense of false security and may think his lady is so fearful of him she would not dare him. The fact is women would dare anything if the desire is there just as men would.

Since some older men are also rich men, it does not mean that there are no girls that loved them. In fact some of the girls like the father figure, whether or not older men can cope is a different story. It will not be prudent to think your money will keep them forever unless the younger lady is waiting for you to kick the bucket. But younger ladies do fall for older men as long as he has style and vitality.

This writer went to lunch with some coworker one day. As they walked along a pretty young lady stopped with a gaze. So flattered, he adjusted his hat only to the amusement of one of his coworkers, also a young lady. She said: do not be fooled, she probably thought you must be a wealthy older guy because of your sharp clothing, little would she know what a broke ass you were. Ouch!

An uninformed friend once wondered aloud why women paid so little attention to him knowing full well that he had money or a good job. If they could not love him, he would not mind if they loved his money as long as he got to keep them. What even baffled many more rich men was the type of poor men their women eloped with. So some rich men explore the paradise where poor young ladies submit to educational sugar daddy.

We had Europeans, Americans and Africans traveling to Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe looking for those pure unspoiled babes in Eddie Murphy jokes. These generous men spend on the ladies families' needs and wants, not because they have easy money like the sports icons. Even some Africans that work two or three jobs borrow money to go and splash it in old countries. You cannot find too many of those Africans these days.

There was the story of an American inventor that went to Asia. Unfortunately, he died young. The young girls he deflowered came calling with DNA proof for schooling and shares of his fortune. As an older friend once said, you either pay now or later. DSK will also tell you paying now do not absolve you of all responsibilities. Poor rich men, if they cannot enjoy themselves with their money after Ferrari cars, what else could they do?

It has nothing to do with slavery; it has to do with disease of the heart like owning Royce Roy or Benz. It is the art of possessions and desires for women. But these women are smarter; calculating when to bolt out and get on with their true heart throbs, waiting on the wings. The handsome sweet talker or athletic looking poor wretched guys they could elope with want some of theirs too. Only time would tell babes when to move on.

What baffles many people is how those loafers get their beautiful girls. Well, women love sweet talkers and we all love flattery. There are some fine men out there that do not have much but promise a great deal. Even men with nothing may spend big only on the first date to get the girls hooked. Sometimes you will never know how many ladies can be attracted with a few clean white shirts on your back. It depends on taste.

So what is a man suppose to do when he falls in love? Do not put women on the pedestal like a captured trophy. Any relationship that starts with money will always end when money runs dry. It is either the money is gone or she wants more since it is never enough.

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