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It is no longer news that muslim brotherhood has taken over government of Egypt. What bothers one in this is the fact that any nation helmed on religion is a den of human rights abuses. Any country established on the dictates of religion has no regards for the existence of people outside the faith of the dictator.

That is the problem in the entire islamic world. The problem that kicked off the Arab spring is draconian rule founded on islamic faith. The muslims themselves have come to understand this, I mean the moderate ones, that practice of islam the way “prophet” Mohammed dictated it or is interpreted to dictate it now, is purely archaic and satanically prehistoric. The practice of islamic republic is a modern eyesore that can never leave anybody out of the woods.

Monarchy rooted in islamic ethos has been the albatross of religious caging in muslim – dominated nations. The Arab spring fought to get off the hook. But did they? The answer is a one big NO. This is the information the most populous Arab Nation Egypt, has posted to the world.

Mubarak was looked upon as the mesiah of Egypt from Anwar Sadat. But after quite a long time they woke up to the stark reality of the endemic deceits embedded in islamic chauvinism to know they had been deceived. Morsi came in finally.

Yet, now, Egypt is well – established on the precipice of cascading to a destructive finge. Why? The answer is a plethora of deceits and lies that belly islamic faith. It is altruistic that no country can ever make progress, founded on religion. Morsi has connived with muslim brotherhood to islamize Egypt by enforcing muslim – dictated constitution which is a prelude to killing the 10% of the population Christians.

Already, churches in Christian dominated Alexandria are being selectively and gradually burnt down. This has resulted to mass exodus of people from Alexandria and all Christian Egypt to other Western nations, especially, the United States. When will this anomaly stop? When will this soresight end?

Point of notice. This can never end until United Nations see reason to use Near-maximum Power on muslim-dominated nations. Whatever form it takes: dictatorship, religious state, religious rule, islamic fundamentalism, religious constitution and monarchic rule: these, all do nobody any good.

Arab spring which is decimaled on islamic monarchic rule which is islamically dictatorial. Around twenty (20) million Christians is Egypt to the population of muslim populated sixty (60) million is not small to form their own country with Capital in Alexandria if worse come to worse in Egypt.

United Nations' Security Council and Banki Moon should make it mandatory for all member states to endorse Democratic Secularity Status. This has become necessary seeing the state of outright abuse of human rights in muslim-dominated enclaves of the world. How can one explain that Syrian –Assad has killed more than 60,000 people since March, 2011 when the hostilities started? How can one explain the fact that Bahrain is clamping down on human rights activists that speak against fiendish monarchic rule. How can we explain that Morocco has held on to power bloodily despite cry to open up the Country to democratic rule? How can we qualify that spate of silent abuses going on in Saudi Arabia? How can we explain the dehumanization in Algeria and killing of the native Barbers chased to the Mountains during the Arabiscization of War 642 AD? How can one explain the fact that the Nubians, the remnants of the Black race in Sudan are being mulled down in Darfur by the demonic Arab-islamists? Today, there is war in Darfur after South Sudan has left, due to this religion from bottomless pit.

How can one explain the fact that Western Sahara has been paralyzed by the monarchic Morocco founded on islamic dictatorship? As small as Djibouti, islamic dictatorship has railed the air for more than 10 years. Iran is the domain of hegemonic muslim – state that can never know peace until Democratic – Secularity catches up with them. Afghanistan is the doman of a-quaida. Why? What is aquaida? Remove islam and see how the world will be.

So, UNO should enforce Democratic Secularity among member nations. Carnage going on in Alexandria in Egypt due to muslim brotherhood in power, is a misnomer that can only be checked by UNO – mandated Democratic – Secularity Status.

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