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Brutally murdered by villainous armed robbers, Mr Tokunbo departed the world in a truly cruel fashion, leaving his young wife and two children abandoned, stranded and haplessly homeless. For months, she wandered aimlessly, begging just to feed herself and her two malnourished infants, hope dwindling to the point of utter despair. Clutching nothing but a picture of her husband's bludgeoned corpse, she walked forlornly into The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations on Sunday 24thAugust 2009, having heard touching tales of Pastor TB Joshua's largesse. She received more than bargained for…

“There is a woman here. You are a widow. Your husband was viciously murdered by armed robbers – the picture is with you now. Come out!” TB Joshua's voice boomed out amidst the vast auditorium, prophetic messages flowing forth in an unbridled torrent. Mrs Tokunbo gasped. This was her first time in The SCOAN, and she had not shown the photo to a single soul within the church premises. God had found her. He knew her pains, her suffering, her agonies. Fumbling to find the gruesome pictures, she nervously stood up and walked out – out of her hopelessness, out of her heartache.

A week later, standing before The SCOAN arena, she explained her dire situation. “My husband was killed by armed robbers. Now, I have no house to live in, no food to eat, no work to do. My children are begging on the streets. I don't know what to do, I'm just desperate…” “It is a rare privilege to help her,” said Pastor Joshua, proceeding to generously bless the widow with N200 000 and 3 bags of rice. Lost for words, Tokunbo burst into tears. “The end has not come – the best is yet to come,” encouraged the pastor, assuring that her two children would receive scholarships to continue their education. “May the Lord, when He comes, find us watching and waiting,” TB Joshua exhorted the congregants. “We look for the coming of the kingdom.”

Mrs Tokunbo was not alone in receiving assistance that Sunday in a service watched worldwide by viewers on Emmanuel TV. Rosemary Ajibade, who lost her husband in a fatal accident subsequently to be forced out of her house and left to sleep on the street, and Bunmi Ogunyemi who, alongside her twin sons, were subject to untold hardship following the death of her husband four years earlier, both received the rich sum of N200 000 and three bags of rice, with a promise of continued support. “It's a relationship forever,” explained the prophet. “Nothing is too small to share with your neighbour. We are one another's strength. As you have an account for your business, have an account for the fatherless,” he enjoined the faithful, many in tears at the touching tales of the widows.

Students were not left out as Adejuwon Seun Victor of Osun State College of Technology and Osuji Felix Chimeze, who recently gained admission to Imo State Polytechnic both received N100 000 for their school fees, and 3 bags of rice. “It's a big surprise,” said Adejuwon, who explained the amount he needed was just N53 000, the deadline to pay four days later. “I promise I will be serious in my studies, and I will do all I can to help the less privileged.” “He is part of the family,” smiled the prophet. “Giving offers us the opportunity to reshape our destiny. When you give, you are reshaping your destiny,” he said.

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