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Muslim religious terrorism has been unleashed in Nigeria and with contacts in the middle East and Asia.Let the world not be fooled by the diguised of Northern Nigerian Religious extremism muslim as represented by their leaders like Yaradua Family, Mutallab Family, Sanusi Family, Bayero Families, Yerima family, Babangida family, Abdulsalam, family, Abacha, Jubril Aminu family, Atiku Family, Dangote family, Dantata family, Rimi family, jubril family etc. and all of the emires and Ulamas and Northern Nigeria leaders and muslim families AND FOLLOWERS for they all have ties to Muslim Wahabism extremisism in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Dubai, Yemen, Egytp etc and with the world jihadist movement and the world is just now waking up to it and the facts has been there for a long time and now they are exporting terrorism, jihadism, wahabism and Al Qaida to the world. They are all part and parcel of this problem because they planted this it but it is now known and let the world not be fooled. Dr. Mutallab and his sharia focus and support for wahabism and sharia council have been terrorising and killing Nigerian Christians in Southern and Eastern Nigerian for over 60 years now in Nigeria.

Like all of the muslim Northern Nigerian leaders, DR. Mutallab the father of the ATTEMPTED DETROIT terrorist who is now shedding crocodile tears because he is one of the leaders who groom the Wahabism in Nigeria. Alhaji Dr. Mutallab the father also groomed Sharia law in Katsina State, Alhaji DR. Mutallab Groom Sharia in Kaduna State,Alhaji Dr. Mutallab groomed Sharia in Kano State, Most of the extremism Ulama in Northern Muslim Nigeria are benefactors of Alhaji Mutallab, Dr. Mutallab groomed extreme Muslim businesses in Saudi Arabia, He has extreme business in Dubai and he has extreme religious business in Yemen and he has business and property in Yemen. Alhaji Mutallab is the owner of the only Islamic Bank in Nigeria, Alhaji Mutallab has ties and interest in almost all the extremist muslim religious groups in Nigeria. He is a top leader of the Sharia movement COUNCIL in Nigeria. This guy is dangerous and he has gotten it hot and thats why he is running from pillar to post because he destroyed Nigeria with his corrupt ways and his muslim jihadist ideas for long time.



(1) Religious violence erupts again in Jos on Tuesday, 24-hour curfew declared 200 dead By AHMED SAKA - AP

January 19, 2010. The rioting began Sunday after Muslim youths set a Catholic church ablaze. Witnesses said rioters armed with knives, homemade firearms and stones attacked passers-by and fought with security forces, leaving bodies in the street and stacked in local mosques. The Minister of Police Affairs, Ibrahim Yakubu Lame, issued a statement Tuesday blaming the violence on "some highly placed individuals in the society who were exploiting the ignorance and poverty of the people to cause mayhem in the name of religion."

(2)January 11, 2010 No fewer than 30 persons were killed in a renewed clash between members of an Islamic sect called kala-kato and security personnel in the Zango area of Bauchi Metropolis in the early hours of Monday. The Kala-Kato (which means he has said) sect is claiming to be the remains of the original 'Maitatsine' sect of the 80s. Among the victims who died were 15 children between the ages of three and seven. A cripple, Yusuf Abba, was said to have been slaughtered by the sect members. _ A number of houses in Zango were set on fire by members of the sect who were demanding for the release of its leader arrested by the authorities.

(3) DECEMBER 2009 There was palpable apprehension among citizens because of muslim religious riot in Bauchi while all businesses in the area remained closed. Governor Isa Yuguda who has been criticized for his much travel was away in Britain. The Bauchi State Police Command PPRO, Mohammed Barau said the command has deployed a combine team of regular Policemen and Mobile Police to maintain law and order in the area.

(4)Jan 5, 2010 - Muslim Religious rioters have killed hundred of people in religious violence in Bauchi Northern Nigeria.

(5)For the third time in 2009, the 'Angel' of destruction once again passed through Bauchi in the name of religious crisis and claimed several hundred lives


(6)LAGOS, July 27 2009(Xinhua) -- At least 200 persons have been killed and many others seriously injured in the early hours of Sunday, following a renewed religious crisis in northern Nigeria's Bauchi State, the Tribune newspaper reported on Monday.

(7)December 30 2009, Bauchi, (Northern Nigeria) Radical Islamic sect Kala-Kato a branch of Maitasine attacked Christians and burned Churches; 70 people were killed.

(8)July 26 2009 Maidugiri, Yobe, Bauchi, Kano, (Northern Nigeria) Radical Islamic fundamentalist sect, Boko Haram [translated “Western civilization is evil”] goes on rampage burning churches, and looting homes belonging to Christians and murdering them. Three Christian pastors including George Orji (Igbo) were killed by beheading. Officially 800 people were reported killed.

(9)2007, Adamawa (Northern Nigeria) Moslem jihadists invade Christian community of Yugor killing hundreds of Christians, looting and burning churches and Christian's homes and property.

10) 2006 Maidugiri, (Northern Nigeria) Islamic fundamentalists protesting cartoon of Prophet Mohammed by Danish cartoonist killed hundreds of Christians, burned down scores of Churches, and looted shops and homes belonging to Christians.

· (11)2006 All over Northern Nigeria. Similar riots by Islamic jihadists were held in numerous towns in Northern Nigeria – Katsina, Bauchi, Minna, Potiskum, Kano, Kotangora. Thousands of Christians were killed, scores of churches were looted and burned and personal homes and businesses of Christians were looted and burned. One week before that Nigerian MP's burned Danish and Norwegian flags in the parliament premises.

·(12)June 28 2006, Abuja (Northern Nigeria) The Federal government of Nigeria accused Kano State of Northern Nigeria of collaborating with foreign powers to train 100 Muslim militants in “intelligence gathering” and the "practice of jihad". In a news release, Information Minister Frank Nweke said the "Hisbah", a group employed by the mainly Muslim state of Kano to enforce sharia law, was "a parallel security outfit that poses a potential threat to national security".

(13) April 2003, Kano (Northern Nigeria) Islamic jihadists go on a rampage A pastor, Sunday Madumere (Igbo) and six of his family members were killed

(14) April, 2003, Jos (Northern Nigeria) Armed Muslim insurgents attacked Wereng village near Vom a suburb of Jos killing people, burning homes and looting people's property.

(15) April, 2003, Langtang (Northern Nigeria) A group of armed Muslims attacked a village in Langtang killing people and burning down homes.

(16)2003 Gusau (Northern Nigeria) Governor Ahmed Sani, who came to the United States and used the VOA to advertise the introduction of fundamentalist Islamic Sharia Law in Nigeria promising that it will never be applied to Christians gave an order that more than 20 of the Christian churches in the State be demolished. They were demolished promptly. No reasons were given.

(17) March, 2003 Jos (Northern Nigeria) Thousands of jihad warriors attacked the town of Kardako in Wase Local Government Area (LGA) shouting “Allahu Akbar” killing Christians and burning down homes.

(18) February, 2003 Ibadan (Western Nigeria) Muslims jihadists from the National Council of Muslim Youth Organizations attacked Christian schools in Ibadan in an effort to force the schools to require women to wear Islamic head coverings. Hundreds of students and teachers were injured in the attack.

(19) December 26, 2002, Bauchi, (Northern Nigeria) Islamic jihadists attacked Christians concluding a Christmas celebration in Bauchi killing Christians, looting and burning churches and Christian's homes.

(20) December 2002, Jos, (Northern Nigeria). Muslim Jihadists attack Christians. During the attack Rev. Bitrus Manjang, his son, daughter-in- law and their six-month old child were shot to death outside their home. The jihadists went on killing people looting and burning churches and Christian's homes.

(21) November, 2002 Kano, Kaduna (Northern Nigeria) Muslim jihadists went on a rampage after an article in the This Day newspaper suggested that the prophet Muhammad would probably have married a contestant from the Miss World pageant scheduled to be held in Abuja. Muslim mobs ransacked the newspaper's office, issued a fatwa on the author of the article, Miss Isioma, killed Christians and burned down numerous churches.

(22) October 2002, Jos, (Northern Nigeria) Hundreds of Christians were killed when a mob of several Muslims jihadists attacked the town of Fajul in Plateau State. Mercenaries from Chad and Niger were believed to be among the group, which burned down homes, churches, and raped several women.

(23) September 11, 2002, Jos, (Northern Nigeria) A bomb exploded at the Church of Christ in the Laranto suburb of Jos. No one was injured, but there was some structural damage to the church building.

·(24) August 2002 Kano, (Northern Nigeria) The government of Kano State ordered half of the churches in Kano State closed because of Muslim complaints about “too many churches.”

(25) June 2002, Jos, (Northern Nigeria) Several Christian communities in Plateau state including Yelwa, Shendam, Wase, Barakin Ladi, Vom and Miango were invaded by Islamic jihadists who killed people and burned down homes and churches.

(26) June, 2002, Minna, (Northern Nigeria) At least 75 Christians were arrested in Niger state for opposing the state's Islamic sharia law.

(27) April 8-22, 2002, Kano (Northern Nigeria) At least seven churches in Kano State were destroyed by authorities. There is a growing trend in states that have enacted Sharia law to destroy Christian churches on the pretense that the churches have violated building codes. Christians believe it is a step toward wiping out the Christian faith in northern Nigeria.

(28) April 2002, Sokoto (Northern Nigeria) Two Christians in Zamfara State were tried on the charge of apostasy, converting from Islam to Christianity. According to Islamic law, the penalty for apostasy is death. However the two Christians, Lawali Yakubu and Ali Jafaru, claim they were never Muslims to start with. The two belong to an ethnic group that has practiced Christianity for many years.

(29)February, 2002 Ilorin (Northern Nigeria) Muslims in Ilorin turned violent while celebrating Eid-el-Kabir and began attacking and killing Christians and burning their houses and businesses.

(30)February 2002, Kano (Northern Nigeria) The Kano state government revealed that it had closed down 122 Christian schools for failing to meet state requirements. The requirement in question is the compulsory study of Islam. Christian schools have refused to allow Muslim clerics into their schools, thus risking closure.

(31) February, 2002, Gombe, (Northern Nigeria) A Christian lady, Esther Bulus was kidnapped from her school by four Muslims who slit her throat and left her to die. Esther had refused to marry a Muslim politician in Gombe on grounds of religious differences. She was murdered because of this.

·(32)December 30, 2001, Jos, (Northern Nigeria) Armed Muslim jihadists attacked the Christian community in southern Jos, killing people, looting and destroying property worth several million dollars.

(33) December 2001, Yola (Northern Nigeria) Muslim army soldiers from the 23rd Armored 7th Brigade in Yola, burned a Christian church building, which was constructed in the army barracks. They justified the act by saying it was an illegal structure. However, the army officially allows both Islam and Christianity to be practiced in the barracks.

(34)December 10, 2001, Kano, (Northern Nigeria) Truck driver Uche Nwama was killed by Islamic jihadists for allowing the exhaust from his truck to drift into an open-air Islamic meeting. Islamic jihadists claimed the exhaust had desecrated the Quran.

(35)November 6 2001; Ibadan (Western Nigeria) Islamic jihadists hold a massive rally in Ibadan in support of Osama Bin Laden and his attack and slaughter of thousands of Americans during the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. They condemn the United States for attacking the Taliban in Afghanistan and vow to fight alongside Bin Laden and his fellow terrorists.

(36)November 2001 (Northern and Western Nigeria) Islamic jihadists hold massive rallies in Osogbo, Sokoto, Kano, Zaria, Kaduna, and other towns in Western and Northern Nigeria in support of Osama Bin Laden and his attack and slaughter of thousands of Americans during 9/11/2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York. They condemn the United States for attacking the Taliban in Afghanistan. They also vow to fight alongside Bin Laden and his fellow terrorists in a jihad against America.

(37) November 28, 2001Enugu (Eastern Nigeria) Christian Biafrans organize a peaceful rally in Enugu in solidarity with and support of the government and people of the United States over the terrorist attack in New York on 9/11/2001 and in support of the United States action against the terrorists. The Nigerian paramilitary police brutalized the participants, disbanded the rally and arrested the leaders.

(38) October 14-18, 2001 Kano (Northern Nigeria) Massive anti-American protests in Kano by Islamic jihadists. Thousands of Christians are slaughtered and scores of churches are burned. Property of Christians worth billions of dollars are looted and destroyed.

(39)October 2001, Kaduna (Northern Nigeria) Islamic jihadists attack Christians in churches, on the street and in their homes. Thousands of Christians are slaughtered, scores of churches are burned and looted, and thousands of Christian homes are looted, and burned.

��(40)September 2001, Kano (Northern Nigeria) Islamic jihadists attack Christians burning down churches slaughtering thousands of people, looting churches and private homes. Kano State government demolishes the few remaining churches.

(41) September 2001, Jos (Northern Nigeria) In a well planned and highly coordinated program Islamic jihadists attack Christians in the city of Jos, burning down churches, and private homes of Christians, looting the churches and private property of Christians. Hundreds of churches were burned and thousands of Christians were slaughtered some burned while worshipping in their churches.

(42)August 2001, Bauchi, (Northern Nigeria). The Bauchi state government is alleged to be using Muslim mercenaries to attack Christians in the Tafawa Balewa and Bogora districts. On several occasions vehicles loaded with Islamic jihadists were intercepted by vigilant Christians. Several hundred Christians were killed and houses, shops and churches looted, burned and destroyed.

(43)June 2001, Gawaram (Northern Nigeria) Islamic jihadists attack Christians, burn down dozens of churches and kill Christians.

(44)February 24-25, 2001, (Gombe) A visit to Gombe state by an Israeli ambassador sparked a riot by Islamic jihadists. During the riot the jihadists kill Christians, loot and burn down churches, loot and burn down Christian homes and render thousands of people homeless. The Calvary Baptist Church and the Bishara Baptist church are among those looted and burned.

(45)September 2000 Gombe (Northern Nigeria) In Bambam, Gombe state Islamic jihadists attack and kill Christians, burn down and loot churches and private homes and businesses of Christians.

(46)May 2000, Kaduna (Northern Nigeria) For several days Islamic jihadists attack and slaughter hundreds of people in Kaduna.. They loot thousands of Christian people's homes, churches, businesses and then burn them down. Thousands of Christians are mindlessly slaughtered and more than 200 churches are burned

(47)February 2000, Kaduna (Northern Nigeria) Islamic jihadists attack and slaughter Christians opposing the implementation of Sharia law in Kaduna, northern Nigeria. Christian homes, businesses and churches are looted, and burned. Thousands of Christians are mercilessly slaughtered and property worth billions of dollars are looted and destroyed by the jihadists.

(48)2000 Damboa, Maidugiri, (Northern Nigeria) Islamic jihadists attack and slaughter Christians, loot and burn Christian homes, businesses and churches

· This is not even comprehensive. There is documentation of numerous other attacks by Islamic jihadists including: Kano, 1994; Ibadan, 1993; Lagos, 1993; Funtua, 1993; Zango Kataf 1992; Kano 1991; Katsina, 1991; Bauchi, 1991; Kafanchan, 1986; Kaduna, 1986; Gombe, 1985; Yola, 1984; Maidugiri, 1982; Kano, 1980. If you are interested you can go as far back as May/June; July/August; and September/October 1966 when Moslem jihadists slaughtered 100,000 Christian Igbo and other Easterners in Northern Nigeria. We suspect that Dora and her parents may have been escapees from Northern Nigeria during the jihad of 1966 in Northern Nigeria.