Corruption Against Vincent Ogbulafor

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People alleging that PDP house is full of fraudulent people, it is not surprising that any fraud openly established against any of its functionary or government at all levels could not be sorted out by the PDP-Presidency and the party hierarchy.

One of such is a suit against the person of Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, PDP National Chairman, which was instituted by an NGO (Human Rights, Justice and Peace Foundation – HRJPF) at the Abuja Federal High Court. The charges include buying a house for N400million in Abuja by a man who was never before then a known serious businessman. And when he was a Minister for Special Duties (Economic Affairs) under Obasanjo regime where he supervised the National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC), he was involved in the embezzled N104million of public fund as exhibited by a case file with Reference No. ICPC/P/NC/477/2005/37. Why this case with ICPC remains untreated could be traced to the PDP-Presidency intervention.

One wonders that with the above, which is not exhaustive though on Ogbulafor's corrupt activities, the Presidency and the PDP have still not done anything to clear its name.

It is a common knowledge that Ogbulafor has also been accused by party members of being largely responsible for the confusion in many States' PDP. We have read of his billions of Naira contract he (corruptly) got from States like Akwa Ibom, Rivers, etc. Why the PDP looks helpless and the Presidency still feels hand-tied in prosecuting him could mean that they condone corruption. That is why I say Nigeria is in trouble.

Alhaji (Dr.) Ahmed Mustapha
Plot 1239 Daura Road

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