If Nuhu Ribadu Can do it, University Students Won't fail

By Ogechi Igbokwe

I am one of the very many Nigerians that believe in the potential and eventual prosperity of our nation. My patriotism for the country and my zeal to contribute to its prosperity in any way possible has led me to take many actions. Since my departure from the country after my boss, the director of the SSS Enugu state, decided to harass and intimidate me for refusing to do his unpatriotic biddings I have watched keenly events happening in Nigeria.

The fear among the rank and file in the SSS since the abortion of the corruption trial of many ex-governors and cronies of Musa Yar Adua has grown. But for fear of loss of jobs and sometimes incarceration stemming from charges against the SSS investigator for “suspected collusion with insurrectionist,” especially when the would be insurrectionist are from the investigators tribe, , SSS investigators who see stuffs don't report again. Many officers and men just wait for salary at the end of each month and pray nothing disastrous happens to the nation before the money arrives. This situation is very sad regarding the multitude of Nigerians and government officials that depend on their intelligence and investigative services in forestalling instability. The SSS is now divided along ethnic and religious lines. This tells why the Boko haram people easily unleashed their mayhem in the north last July.

I do not sympathize with the predicament of the SSS today, neither do I believe in its strength any longer. My short stay there has exposed to me what many Nigerians in their life time will never realize. This is one of the reasons my boss tried to eliminate me before I eloped. Now, the Yar Adua government has totally northernized the service. Almost all the important critical positions have been filled with mediocre and inexperienced northerners of his ilk. This situation portends great danger for the people of Nigeria and in particular southern Nigeria. As these northern Muslims that lack proper training and education employ very inhumane and sadistic methods to get confessions and revelations.

Yesterday, Nuhu Ribadu breezed into Nigeria, spent comfortable time with friends and family and breezed out again. Yar adua awoke from his sleep and asked Turai if it was a dream. Turai in her very bossy character began to ring and pour venom on all the service chiefs and security bosses for letting Ribadu go. What a shame?

This event shows clearly the positive probability that should any insurrectionist and revolutionary force strikes, that the Yar adua regime will fall like a pack of cards. I do not doubt the success of any attempt against this government, because it is a loosely organized government. The present government reminds me of the Hutu government that perpetrated the genocide in Rwanda. The Hutu government was so much into killing the cockroaches—tutsi's before they realized that the cockroaches were bigger than what they thought. Yar adua government is into eating the national cake— amassing oil wealth, laundering money, spoiling the nations image, buying off opposition and defending corrupt politicians— and no attention is being paid to the basic wants of the Nigerian people. The last investigation I did before eloping for fear of my life which was centered on a group of young university students preparing explosives from a certain part of the country, I understand was closed after I left. But my colleague who happens to know about it said as of today, there is massive stockpiling of such stuffs in strategic areas of the country. If he tells he might be branded a colluder, so he refuses to talk. He is in his final stage of the process of leaving the country.

I have no doubt in the success of these young kids. The present strike situation in the country to me has given a boost to their activities. I see it as a patriotic act to destabilize the current establishment and enthrone a new democratic culture. Prominent names that featured in their list are the names we hear every day. However, the ease with which they will penetrate does not warrant any bloodshed. Nigerians deserve to see members of this present establishment in chains facing justice and their plan details that. Just like many revolutionaries that came down from the hill, Nigerians are waiting to welcome them.

Ogechi Igbokwe([email protected])

Former aide to SSS director

/ Nigeria / Ghana / Africa