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The recent private jet acquisition by the firebrand Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor of the Word Bible Church has continued to generate dust in the political and religious circle in the country. There is nothing wrong for the said pastor to acquire a benefiting private jet for the gospel of Christ which the economic situation of Nigeria has make people to see private jets acquisition by pastors as sin and ostentatious lifestyles in the kingdom of God. Though the sign of end time syndrome is fast approaching in our today's' churches in Nigeria. The major problem of today's churches is the ability for the Pentecostal, Sabbath, Orthodox and Jehovah witness to amalgamate as one body in Christ.

In Matthew 24: 5, the Bible says that many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many. The Holy Bible states that many pastors will come in form of good servants of God not genuinely pursuing heavenly desires. For Pastor Ayo to celebrate 40 years in the pulpit is an indication of a great servant of God in today's modern-day churches in Nigeria. No church in Nigeria that does not need money to run its daily expenses in order to meet up the demands of church members. Setting up a church today in Nigeria is not an easy task, it requires money, dedication and time to grow spirit filled congregation, though government in Nigeria does not impose taxes on churches unlike in the Western and other African countries where taxation is skyrocketing in all ramifications. In abroad, churches are seen as business making venture and nothing else. The much criticism about the purchase of private jet by Pastor Ayo by one so-called grammarian Edo-state born former House of Representatives member, Hon. Patrick. O and others indicated that they are shortsighted in the gospel of Jesus of Christ.

One of the major issue confronting today's churches is that the congregation or followers of the gospel are only interested with pastors that are spiritually and economically doing well and nothing else which prompted many pastors to involve in infamous and villainous activities to acquire powers from the satanic kingdom with no qualms. The like of Pastor Ayo has duly served their masters well which he was tutored by the late Bishop Benson Idahosa of the Church of God Mission International. Pastor Ayo is one the highly respected ministers of God in Nigeria that commands respect internationally. Papa Ayo is not the first pastor to acquire private jet or fleet of cars in Nigeria but the likes of David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, Pastor Enoch Adeboye of RCCG and others.

Apart from pastors acquiring private jets, some have massively invested in the education sector by setting up Universities, Colleges of Education and Polytechnics but some are beyond the reach of the poor. Not just education only but also investing in building hotels, media, banks and others. Some church pastors have used their businesses to create 40 percent employment to Nigerian youth in recent times. Though most Nigerian churches have spiritually deviated from the true gospel of Christ while few still maintaining the real call of God in spite of economic challenges and bad leaders of the country. Churches are meant to project the true gospel of Christ and nothing else. Every Dick and Harry wants to be a general overseer overnight without a father or mentor. Some pastors only interested in acquiring theological certificates without former education to develop in 21st knowledge. We now have more enlightening congregation with progressive mindsets. Most of these high-flying and famous pastors where products of good education they acquired before the conviction of the call of God in their lives. The likes of Dr D. K Olukoya of MFM, Pastor Williams Kumuyi of Deeper Life Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly, Rev Kingsley Albert of Flames Family Church, Bishop Matthew Omodiagbe of Liberation Word Ministries International, Pastor Jonah Isreal of Word Feast Ministry, Dr Acho Nwoke of Kings City International, Pastor Chris Oyalkilome of Christ Embassy, Rev Felix Ogadeji of All Believers Assembly, Pastor T. B Joshua of Synagogue Church of All Nations Pastor Success Haruna, Pastor Kingsley Uche and just mention but a few. Most of these pastors deserved to buy any expensive automobiles or jets if the need arises because they have seen the four walls of university of suffering while some went into ministry for material acquisition and fake or digital prophecies to milk out money from their unfortunate victims. Most Nigerians have misinterpreted the gospel of Christ by condemning pastors of their sumptuous living styles considering that they once lived a hopeless life with no future until God intervened in their situation. Every good pastor that God has divine call of God has one story to tell about his or her encounter with Christ. Raising a congregation of worshippers is not meant for sluggish pastors but for those that have the divine call of God with no qualms.

Both Pentecostal and Orthodox churches have abysmally failed to identify their major father in Christ which the churches in the North have suffered great satanic molestation and attacks by Boko Haram members over the years. Over 40 percent of churches have been burnt down while over 100 000 Christians killed abruptly. Federal government has failed to protect churches in the North. To run a small Local Assembly in Nigeria requires huge financial support from members of the church and others. Pastoral intimidation is more pronounced in today's churches due to flex muscles and inferiority complex among some questionable pastors. Every pastor is called with a vision but some want to act on notable ministers' callings without identifying their own port of call into the gospel of Christ. Some pastors are only interested in big titles like Rev, Dr, and Arcbishop. And other intimidating titles that cannot get them to heaven. Some pastors have decided to use their wives to intimidate the positions of assistant pastors in the church due to selfish reason while such congregation find difficult to grow true gospel of Christ. It is time for PFN and CAN to identify true churches and pastors in Nigeria to avoid fakery congregation now.

BY GODDAY ODIDI. . PUBLIC AFFAIRS ANALYST. 08058124798. 20 oro street. Ajegunle

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