Attention South-South Governors, Fed. Legislators & Fed Cabinet Members


It gives me great pleasure to write you and I thank you all for reading me. Let me begin by congratulating you for taken the step you took recently, if you keep this practice, you will be able to powered events in Nigeria. On no account before in the history of our togetherness have we been faced communally by such horrendous confrontation. Never before has there been need for harmony, agreement and compromise. I'm particularly impressed by Rotimi Ameachi of Rivers State whom we heard engineer you all. He has overnight, turned a freedom fighter for the South-South. Be it what it may, we accept this with a grain of salt, considering the unscrupulous attitude of past and present South-South governors to the development of Niger Delta, and their respective states.

The British colonialism forced on us an extraterrestrial administration that has been practicing domestic colonialism on us since after the independence. This domestic colonialist thought they are more superior to us. They claim they are white people in black skin. They claim they have the right to rule us, and everything we have is theirs. They use the word “Nigeria, the government” or 'Nation' to justify and authenticates their injustice on us. From Boro to Saro Wiwa, among others, we have tried to defy domestic colonialism and return to our much esteemed sovereignty and self determination. I'm beginning to think that this great effort is beginning to see illumination.

Look at it this way, do you think that the north do not know that their action are act of domestic colonialism? Oh yes, they do. You think Yar'Adua did not know why he recycled an old man like Rilwanu Lukman to be the minister of petroleum? You think Mohammed Barkindo, NNPC MD do not understand the word 'marginalisation'? They know that they can own up NNPC, seized our oil through the petroleum industry Bill, and when we cry, they corner all of you with 2% of what they have taken to shut you up. But you owe your generation and the one to come a duty to prove Yar'Adua and his cartel, Lukman and Barkindo wrong. It was willpower; bravery and consistency that made black people stand out in U.S. It is time you all abandon temporal billion. Your predecessor did the same, their children, are now suffering. The money they made does not last. The only way out is to establish a permanent system that will keep the money flowing to the children and grand children of the South-South. The NNPC scenario is a shame; assuming leaders of South-South, walk in to ministry of defense, reshuffles the defense management against the northern majority. You damn right this can never happen in Nigeria. I have to state without equivocation that the actions of Yar'Adua led government is characterize as crude and harsh of the entire northern domestic colonial president Nigeria ever had. Domestic colonialism which is cruel, unfeeling and monstrous. His method has been a total denial of our federal character rights, a usurpation of our economic resources, a policy which sought to demoralize our people by characterizing us as submissive, vague and foolish. It is now I understand when Obasanjo said, 'the Niger Deltan thought I hate them, let them wait for a Northerners to get back to power'.

Yar'Adua proudly told us in Bayelsa recently that, our leaders will expose us, and smoke us from our comfort zone. This is their belief. It has happened over and over. Our leaders always mortgage our freedom. But there is one thing that is permanent, is call 'change'. I read on the pages of newspaper, that Yar'Adua did not expect you guys to react the way you did. And he was further shocked by your persistence hesitance to allow the status quo. He later succumb to you all when he discovered it will affect his re-election in 2011, or to better put it, affect the reelection of PDP in the South-South come 2011. This is not only an insult to the one Nigeria but a vicious fist in the pride and dignity of the South-South population. That the North could simply get up any time, broad day light, and seized what legally belong to us, and only drop the seizure when it look like it will deter us from voting for them is outrageously preposterous. This is why we should not accept the way they rescind on this matter. It is only in the South-south that stuffs like this can happen. Yar'Adua would not try this in the South-East or the West because they would not let it happen. The North sees South-South as very obscure people. That is why you hardly see any other political party thrive in the South-South except PDP. Only recently AD took over Edo. The South-South takes command from Abuja and has no independent political opinion.

As unpromising as the situation is, depressing as it may depict, in oneness, we could change our destiny. Be it Isekiri, Ijaw, Ikwere, Ogoni, Ibibio, Urogbo etc, we are one indivisible people hunted by a giant wild creature. We must unite to safe our nationality and safe our value. We all have a moral claim over Nigeria. The moral claim is that, during the civil war, we fought for the unity of Nigeria. In spite of the fact that Ojukwu's claim was right, we thought it was best for all of us to be together. We have the right to our resources. I have therefore figured the only way that the North will listen. One, a holistic radical approach like the one MEND is doing. Two, A radical political approach like the one the governors of South-South and the Senators just did. Another is to radically explain to the British and American the reason why they should not support Nigeria any more. Matter of fact, I suggest you seek audience with Hilary Clinton as a group. Tell her, the war in Nigeria is similar to the war the black fought in the United States. A situation where the North use us and give us nothing except a disfigured villages, an atmosphere full of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, a land with no wildlife , land of polluted streams and creeks, rivers without fish, a total ecological disaster country side. All we need is a fair proportion of what is taken from our land for our survival. Last but not the list, you all should be ready to lose some personal political gain from the north in sacrifice for the South-South nation. Learn a lesson from the Ogoni four; they were like you, government (North) decided to set them up in other to secure a masqueraded judicial right to kill the Ogoni 9. You do not mean anything to them. They will use you and dump you later.

David Needam
Ohamini St
GRA, phase iii

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