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(Adapted from Naiwu Osahon's book: THE END OF KNOWLEDGE)

Following the discovery that Neanderthal remains have not been found in Africa, the US National Institute of Health, with the full backing of the US Congress, and in partnership with international scientists, started the Human Genome Project under the directorship of the geneticist, Dr Francis Collins, in 1990. The project was to do detailed comparative analyses of collected human DNA samples from all the world's major ethnic communities over a thirteen year period initially. The study's main hypothesis was that, since Neanderthal remains have not been found in Africa, the species is not African, therefore, neo-Neanderthals (or Eurasians particularly), did not originate from Africa. The study, which ended in 2003, showed that Eurasians have 1-4% Neaderthal DNA, the rest is Homo sapiens and only sub-Saharan Africa has pure Homo sapiens' DNA, confirming all over again that all humans originated from Africa. The 1-4% must have been some alien monkeys' contribution. May be that is where racism comes from, they are jealous of the pure Homo sapiens.

Other genetic studies have shown that the first modern humans arrived in China about 60,000 years ago from Africa. In a study 'Tracing the arrival of first Chinese,' broadcast at 12.11pm ET (1611 GMT), on September 29, 1998, scientists of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, claimed that an analysis of genetic samples from throughout Asia, suggests that people there sprang from common ancestors of modern humans, who first appeared in Africa and spread throughout the world. Li Jin, a population geneticist at the University of Texas in Houston and a member of the team of scientists who conducted the DNA test says, “Our work shows that modern humans first came from Africa to Southeast Asia and moved later to Northern China.” The team studied the gene patterns from 43 different ethnic groups in China and Asia, and discovered how people moved and mixed over thousands of generations. Migration clues are carried in genetic patterns called micro satellites that change rapidly over time.

By analyzing these changes and linking them to earlier genetic patterns, researchers are able to plot the migration of ancient humans.” Jin said it appears modern humans, after coming from Africa, first moved from central Asia, following the Indian Ocean coastline across India, to Southeast Asia and later, to South China. Descendants of these original Chinese then migrated north and northwest, populating Northern China, Siberia and eventually the Americas. The findings support the out-of-Africa theory about the origin of modern humans,” said Ranjan Deka, a population genetics researcher at the University of Cincinnati. Deka says, “If modern humans arose independently on different continents simultaneously, there would not have been genetic continuity among the various populations of the world. Jin and his colleagues show genetic continuity in China even though that vast country has dozens of different ethnic populations and more than 200 different languages.”

Jin believes that glaciers that invaded much of the Northern Hemisphere during an ice age that lasted thousands of years, most likely affected modern human migration into Asia. It was probably after the glaciers retreated more than 15,000 years ago, that modern humans were able to migrate to far Northern Asia and across the Bering Strait to the Americas. Modern Ethiopian northern migrations were through the Nile valley to the Saudi Arabian region, and through Somalia into Yemen, Oman, Southern India, Burma, China, Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, The Solomon Islands, and the little islands in between. Migration and trading westward by sea started declining 11,000 years ago, when world sea level rose, recovering from the last deep marine regression, caused by global cooling and the locking up of water in continental glaciers.

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