Source: Hon. Suage Alexander Badey
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All the vital signs that point to the PDP administration's plans to prolong its stay in power may very well be in the process of being relegated to the trenches. This delusional dream of ruling Nigeria for 50 years is poised to remain just a “tall dream”, with the recent berth of CODER, a best practice antidote that would serve as the vehicle for ensuring that the votes of Nigerians will henceforth count in any election held in Nigeria. History was made in Nigeria on 30th July, 2009 in Abuja, when Nigerians unanimously acknowledged the need for sustained engagement towards actualising the Electoral Reforms of the Justice Uwais led Electoral Reform Committee. CODER recognizes that the electoral reforms, present amongst other unique opportunities, an avenue to overhaul the electoral management process to ensure a free and fair election come 2011 and stoppage of the rigging tactics of PDP being the only strategy known to them to remain in power.

It is regrettable and sad that under PDP watch, Nigeria has finds itself in a quagmire of failure. It is interesting to note, that according to the Fund for Peace survey results of the USA Think-Tank in conjunction with the Independent Research Organisation, Nigeria is ranked 15th out of 177 of the most failed countries that were surveyed. Nigerian cities are in a big mess, ravaged by human tragedies occasioned by the incompetence of PDP Government. Only recently, His Eminence, Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa'ad Abubakar captured the mood of the nation, when he stated thus, “We can never develop in this present situation. Nothing in Nigeria is working – no light, no water, no good roads, our security situation is poor and the worst of it all, no food. All what we are experiencing in the country is a result of corruption and injustice. Crimes everywhere, kidnapping and all forms of criminal acts are on the increase. How do we grow in this situation?” he queried.

Senator Jibrin Aminu put it more succinctly when he stated that we were safer during the civil war “I just hope that nobody kidnaps me one of these days. Because all they are talking about is kidnapping, kidnapping, kidnapping in Nigeria. You remember the Civil War? While they were fighting around Awka, people were having parties in Lagos, in Kaduna and so on. You understand me. This is not like that now, you do not feel so safe anymore.. That feeling of, I am-not-safe, is more than during the Civil War, particularly the latter part of the war. Most of us were away from it...”

With this pathetic situation in mind, the likes of the Sultan and Senator Aminu need to be commended for daring to speak out against the glaring shortcomings that characterise this administration at the risk of reprisals from PDP sponsored goons. We urge other well meaning Nigerians to rise up and speak against the evil that is PDP whilst proffering ways to free Nigerians from the shackles of slavery, nepotism and poverty that have become the dividends of our nascent democracy from PDP led administration.

With the obvious failure of President Yar'Adua's seven point agenda, the PDP is doing all in its power to articulate its plans to turn Nigeria into a one party system, a plan that we unequivocally state will go the way of all PDP plans typified with the non-working of the seven point agenda of President Yar'Adua.

The PDP scorecard in the South-South has gone on record as one of abysmal failure as stated in the South-South Governors assessment of the present administration's policies as being totally at variance with the ideals and vision to uplift the livelihood of the people of the region and with the unfortunate religious crisis in the North that has claimed hundreds of lives of Nigerians describing the tenure of President as disastrous is just to say that PDP represents everything negative in our polity.

Finally, the Rivers State AC wish to reiterate that we are aware of the sinister plot by the likes of Dr Peter Odili and Dr Abiye Sekibo erstwhile Governor and SSG of Rivers State respectively to hijack the Rivers State AC in an attempt to destabilise the administration of our indefatigable Governor RT. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi out of envy that the Governor is exhibiting that Rivers State can work again after their abysmal tenure in the State. We use this opportunity to advice the duo that they divest themselves of their fugitive toga and apologise to the people of Rivers State first for all the atrocities committed by them that have led to their self imposed exile away from the State before contemplating of joining AC talk less of the impossible of hijacking the Rivers State AC in order to perpetuate their evil plots of enslaving the people of Rivers State again. We have no other State of our own than Rivers State and wish to reiterate for avoidance of doubt that the Rivers State AC is intact under the able leadership of Prince Tonye Princewill and none of their attempts to hijack the party will succeed as we have taken it upon ourselves to clear the mess they committed while in office. They can be assured that we will defend all that we have achieved and done to make Rivers State AC the most sophisticated and compact political party in Rivers State even with our blood if necessary so the duo should just look for another platform to stage their futile and sinister comeback plot to the State..

Hon. Suage Alexander Badey
State Chairman, Rivers State AC