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The Festac Business Unit of PHCN says it has set up a task force to check the use of pre-paid meters.

Mrs Chinlelo Amah, the Public Relations Officer of the unit, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Tuesday that some consumers were by-passing the meters.

Amah said that the full weight of the law would be visited on the culprits.

She said that anybody caught vandalising the pre-paid meters would be arrested and charged to court.

She said that it was wrong to insist on constant power supply and yet defrauding government of the means to sustain the supply.

Amah appealed to consumers to use power supply judiciously, saying that some consumers were in the habit of having on their entire electrical gadgets when leaving home.

'Some of these customers have air-conditioners, electric stoves, boiling rings and fans.

'They often forget to put them off when leaving their homes, but complain of high bills at the end of every month,' she said.

Amah advised consumers to always remember to switch off their electrical gadgets to conserve the use of electricity.(NAN)