Okiro’s departure tarnishes Chris Uba’s rigging plan for Anambra 2010

Source: Ukpakareports.com

The recent exit of the Inspector General of Police [IGP] in the person of Mike Okiro has triggered a domino effect in the various political power centers around the country. This is as Governors around the country who has invested heavily towards the tenure extension for Mike Okiro. As Ukpakareports.com gathered, Governors and Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] godfather's who sought solace in their control of the IGP via huge sums of money handed as bribes, found disappointing the abruptly replacement of the IGP.

Of the political heavy weight hit by the exit of Mike Okiro is the erstwhile godfather of Anambra PDP in the person of Chris Uba, the brother to the former Senator, Ugochukwu Uba. Information available to our investigators indicate that Chris Uba, in his quest to mount the politics in Anambra and to re-launch his political relevance as a godfather, reached a pact with Mike Okiro against the upcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra 2010. Our information indicate that Chris Uba had reached out to the IGP during the PDP primaries of 2008 in Anambra – and had settled the IGP with a whooping amount of N250million. The said money was to aide the Chris Uba led faction of the PDP to scuttle the then primaries. Following the alteration that occurred during the primaries, Chris Uba managed to maintain a wealthy relationship with the IGP. To the extent that, as Chris Uba began his campaign around Anambra for the leadership mantle of the party, he sought a reaffirmation of his pact with the IGP. The reaffirmation netted Mike Okiro another N150million. The payment to Mike Okiro was to enable Chris Uba and his machinery rig the elections of 2010 via the support of the Nigerian Police Force [NPF].

Chris Uba's disappointment of the removal of Mike Okiro's also imparted the many Governors within the Union. And of the many Governors impacted, the Governor of Anambra appears to have been hit the hardest. This is amidst the ongoing investigation which the Governor was caught ferry the sum of N255million from Awka government house to his private office in Apapa, Lagos. Governor Peter Obi had on the mornings following the failed money heist; reach out to the IGP [Mike Okiro] and to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC]. Information had in that Governor Peter Obi handed over millions to the EFCC and to the then IGP in exchange for the case to be quashed. Worsening matters for Peter Obi even more is the soiled relationship between him and the new IGP. The brother to the current IGP, Emmanuel Onovo had served as Governor Peter Obi's ADC until he was dishonorably discharged by Peter Obi in a manner that annoyed Onovo. Sources close to the new IGP told Ukpakareports.com that the IGP is not happy with Peter Obi.

So while the emergence of a new IGP in the person of Onovo has brought elations amongst the people of the South East, Chris Uba and other Nigerian State Governors find themselves disappointed by the emergence.