Two Terrorists Killed In Another Failed Mission At Borno Hospital

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BEVERLY HILLS, July 01, (THEWILL) – Two terrorists were blown up Wednesday in Molai village, Borno State, in what appeared as accidental explosion.

The two suicide bombers, a male and female, according to local sources, were apparently on a mission to attack the General Hospital in Molai which was attacked just four days ago when the explosives they were carrying got blown up, killing them instantly.

This incident happened on a day Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) visited the area to see how the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at a nearby camp were faring.

A local vigilante member, Modu Abba, while disclosing this to THEWILL, said the two suicide bombers, who were suspected to have sneaked into Molai from Sambisa Forest, failed in their bid but injured two other persons in their failed mission.

According to the local vigilante member, the first suicide bomber (a female) detonated the explosive strapped on him at the entrance/gate of the hospital injuring two passersby, while the other one who was riding a bicycle accidentally detonated his explosives at the back of the hospital before reaching the fence at the backyard, killing himself in the explosion.

Abba said: “It must have been accidental detonation as no known persons or structure were targeted by the suicide bombers.

“The explosion occurred at about 11 am close to Molai Leprosy/General Hospital and about 100 metres away from a locally established market. It left both suicide bombers dead with two innocent people injured, many residents including patients on admission at the hospital were left scampering for safety.”