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The several billion of naira the tax payers' money is spent in this country for the maintenance of the police force and other security outfit. The fact that security is very important makes it normal and incontestable but the failure of the Nigeria police makes them not better than mere men in black cloths. If the MUBI FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC students massacre could take hour and the police could not intervened, the worthless organization, instrument of rigging, protection outfit of the politicians and reach men, and the active money carrier could not respond until dozens of students were killed on the campus of Mubi Federal Polytechnics. If the government house where the looter and the corrupt governors reside was under attack, the police would respond in a speed of light, here! Students were killed, an operation that lasted for an hour, and the police could not rescue the students. It is a conspiracy indeed!

The sluggish, insensitivity and unprofessionalism is the characteristics of the Police every were in Nigeria. You can confirm this in your nearest Police Station. And corruption is part and parcel of them, it is not only their Inspector General of Police that is the hallmark of corruption but the Police Commissioners, the Inspectors and the “no rank” police officers. We deserve not in this country this kind of Police Force and we demand for a better Police Force, active, sensitive, incorruptible, strong, and intelligent, the crops of Police we rear with the tax payers' money are worthless and a holistic change, an urgent one is needed in the Nigeria Police Force. The Police Force that do not count ordinary citizen important, their lives and properties are as well not important but can do everything possible to protect the political office holders. We don't want them any more in this country. The useless liability is their correct name and we need sound Police Force to replace these worthless things.

INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE: he is jointly liable for the criminal negligent of the police force of Adamawa state, he is a commander of this crop of police who open their eyes and allow the blood of students to flow on the campus of MUBI FEDERAL POLYTECHNICS. We call for the resignation of the dormant Police Commissioner of Adamawa State, a political tool. His kinds are not worth to be uniform men; he rather goes for another job. This is a request we strongly forward to the Inspector General of Police and he must act as fast as possible.

We condemn the manner in which the students of Port Harcourt who were alleged to have stolen phone and Laptop were striped nicked and burnt. This is not only barbaric but celebration of criminality in a society of incompetent, unprofessional and corrupt Police Force. The hooligans, hoodlums, illiterates, and drunkard can act as the Police and the Court at the road side and sentence accused persons to death penalty and the jungle justice follows immediately, the drama that can only be acted in country where the leadership is watery and the police force unreliable. It is sadden, pathetic, horrific, and inhuman. We call on the Inspector General of Police and the Commissioner of Police of the state to thoroughly investigate the killing and separate the killers and the conspirators from the mob. It can never be mob attack as every mob is made up of person and the criminals should be fixed out as a matter of urgency and that would serve as deterrent for other criminals that invest our country with horror.