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Did Nigerians Watch The Obama-Romney Debate?

By OduduAbasi Nicolas Edet
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It is interesting to know that even Nigerians watched the debate from their homes in Nigeria. Did Godswill Obot Akpabio watch it? Does he and his underlings understand what democracy is NOT - NOT murders; NOT intimidation; NOT Bribes; NOT lies; NOT stealing of public funds; NOT INSECURITY; NOT kidnappings; NOT murdering the mother of an opponent; NOT 'life or death'?

Did Goodluck Jonathan watch it? Does he understand what democracy is all about - NOT bribing to get elected' NOT appointing ones's relations to political positions; NOT turning backs on the electorate:

NOT pretending not to hear the cries of those who have lost loved ones to political murders??????

Did Olusegun Obasonjo watch it? Does he understand the difference between Selections and elections?

Did Professor Jega watch it? How does he compare his perfomances as the Chief Referee of Nigerian (S)elections in Nigeria to the performances of the ELECTION referees in America? As he continues to watch, will Professor Jega pinpoint the number of polling stations in America that will not have ballot boxes on election day, BUT YET winners will be declared from such constituencies? Is Professor Jega prepared to COUNT the number of policemen and soldiers who will be involved in looting, rigging, intimidating voters, and killing at election wards on election day?

Did the Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force watch it? Will he document the incidences of Police involvement in election malpractices in America and relate same to what he and his men do on election days in Nigeria?

Did the judges at the Election Tribunals, at the Supreme court and at other Nigerian courts watch it? Will they NOTE how many of their colleagues in America will receive bribes from the losers to declare them winners?

Did PDP chieftains watch it? How many candidates have they heard were killed, have been killed, will be killed, OR have been kidnapped in America during this American presidential campaign? How many have been incarcerated for choosing to vote for candidates other than those Selected by PDP chieftains? Can these men and women compare their levels of CORRUPTION which characterize every of THEIR Nigerian (S)election to what is happening now in America?

Did greedy, boastful and wasted-lives-Nigerians who live in America, travel home to support the corruption and the political murders inherent at home watch it? What did they learn from it? Are they capable of learning despite their boasts of being PhD holders and professionals of one stripe or the other?

Need anyone SHAME these Nigerian men (and women) when they have already shamed themselves? Need anyone call them uncivilized when they have already proven that they have no morality or etiquette or sense of value or principles? Need anyone say that they are uneducated when they have proven their academic and professional certifications worthless?

IF THEY WATCHED; do the so-called elites of the Nigerian political community, their greedy sycophants, and their foot-soldiers; now understand why the rest of the world brands them UNCIVILIZED, CORRUPT, and unenlightened?

OduduAbasi Nicolas Edet

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