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The President,
United States of America,
Mr. Barak Obama.



One cannot but thank GOD ALMIGHTY for the wind of change blowing over the Arabic World. They say change is the only permanent thing on earth. Down the memory lane, Arabic world, nay, all Islamic nations, are known for monarchy that holds them hypnotized forever, preferring to be saying every thing that happens to them is the will of GOD. Come to think of it: everything that happens to you is approved by GOD. So, the monarchs keep on ruling and they say only GOD gives the ruler. Now, the scale has fallen off their eyes to realize that they have hand in selecting their leaders, not GOD.

They believe in democracy but do not really understand the ethos of democracy. So, islamic world do not, and I say again do not, believe in democracy because they do not understand the meaning of democracy. Democracy is hinged on FREEDOM OF LIFE and FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE. Others accrue or follow from it. Islamic world may believe in freedom of life which is Right to life in part, but certainly not in whole. This is because the spate of killings in Arab world simply because the people rejected monarchy does not show their governments believe in right to life. Ben Ali, Saleh, King Abdullah and the rest do not believe in right to life. Otherwise, why should the rulers themselves keep on killing their subjects? Even if we argue that they believe in freedom of life or Right to life, the truth is that islamic world does not believe in Freedom of Conscience.

I am a human rights activist, and so, in a better position to explain the concept of rights of man. All other rights queue from (are derivatives of) freedom of conscience such as Freedom of: Movement, Association, Expression, Worship, Fair Hearing and so on. It is because your conscience is free that you can move on. The only requirement in democratic law is that your freedom should not jeopardize another or government operation. Muslim as a religion does not tolerate Freedom of Worship.

In other words, in any avowed Islamic enclave, no other religion is allowed to freely operate and preach and win converts by appealing to conscience. Since they do not do or allow this, they do not even understand freedom of worship and so, are completely alien to the ethos of democracy. That is why the religion permits killing of adherents that willingly convent to other religions. In Northern Nigeria, this is the same for indigenous Christian families as well as in all such enclaves.

With strict prohibition to allow conscience gravitate to choose where to worship, which religion to follow, which religion to be married into, freedom of conscience is jettisoned for monarchical autocracy. This is because every Worship Right must be approved by the religious monarch to be accepted. The monarch derives his power from the religious faith, thus, from Islamic faith which is at daggars drawn with Christianity or other religions. You must be free to move from Islam to Christianity or vice versa. It is because there is no Freedom of Worship that there is no Freedom of the Press in Islamic world. Everything in any nation controlled by more than 50% muslims is against Freedom of Worship. That is why muslim faith is dictatorial, and so, monarchical. Now that Arab world want to be free from monarchy, they should go for true democracy; they should go for all freedoms.

U.S. and all free nations should help them establish true democracy where any body can enter into islam and leave it at will. The Constitution should not sponsor Islamic religion from government purse. Individuals should be allowed to practice their religions and go to Meccah, Medina, Jerusalem, shrine in India etc with their private monies. Government can only give them public holidays where that is necessary to observe their faiths.

It is argued that one of the primordial concerns of the revolutionists in Arab world is to enthrone radical islamism. But that has no substance on closer examination. It lacks merit. The people are looking for change, for true democracy. This is good. Monarchy is evil whether in Britain or Africa or Asia or Saudi Arabia. Democracy must be seen to be practiced in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Libya, Djibouti, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Kuwait, UAR, Mauritania and the rest.

Each of these countries must be made to adopt freedoms entrenched in democracy, the way it is done in free World. Islamic religion must be completely jettisoned as far as governance is concerned. None of the governments should answer islamic republic of this or that, but only Republic of This or That. The voting into power must not be because you are a muslim but because he has the wherewithal to deliver his people. No constitution should be termed islamic constitution.

Saudi Arabia must be made to democratize immediately for all mushim world to follow suit. Islamic military under a qaida hezbola, boko haram etc., is because the constitutions enthrone islamic religion not Freedom of Worship.

Killing of US Ambassador and three other diplomats in Libya is a sign post of what islam is. Whereas it is erroneously preached by adherents: sheiks and imams that islam means peace, I then ask you, from what you see islamists do, is that peace? The Holy writ says “by their fruits you shall know them”

By islamists fruits, the world is worse off. Is islam then peace? Who says islam is peace? Is it peace in bombing World Trade Center? Is it peace in bombings and suicide-killings in: Nigeria, Mali, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan and all Arab world?

For the World to be free from islamic nuances, for the christians, hindus, buddhists and numerous other religious adherents in typical islamic enclaves to be free from wanton killing and destruction, UNO, USA, UK and France as members of World Powers must work in General Council of UNO to APPROVE “Secularity Bill”. It is not freedom of Religion Bill because islamic world would always argue that there is freedom of religion, but on immediate – closer examination, it is discovered that there is no freedom of worship in the islamic world.

Infact, christians or other religious adherents are not allowed to freely preach in islamic world. Economic interests should subordinate to political interests because the latter controls the former and defines it.

The hatred of USA by islamists in their world shows the truth of what I am enunciating. islam is never peace, but bloodshed. islam means bloodshed as deducible from their acts: “by their fruits, you shall know them”.

This is the only time to help Arabic world or islamic world come to terms with True Democracy by enthroning All Freedoms. Do it, my dear Mr. Barak Obama.

Yours in the Service of humanity, Africa and islamic World,

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a seasoned Human Rights Activist and an unbiased National Commentator. Also visit these facebook sites: Justice Stand, Nigeria Unity and Kindness Innocent Jonah. Read his write-ups also in: the [email protected] His Facebook Account is kindness Innocent Jonah. Please visit his site.


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