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By Ope Olusanya
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Life-Some see it as a STAGE-Where everything depend on stage(s) attained.

Some see it as a TEACHER-
Believing that the more you live,the more you learn.

Some see it as a GAME-
Believing that it's not always rossy,you win some,you lose some.

Some see it as a CINEMA-
It relates the past with the present and with the future.

Some see it as NOTHING-
It comes and goes just like that.
Some see it as a MUSIC-
It is dynamic and therefore plays different tunes and poses different threats and opportunities at every point in time.

Some see it as an ASSET-
They live,keep and make it worthwhile to make a good name and living.

Some see it as a LIABILITY-
"They say it's always expensive to live life"
And some dont even know Life.
But i see life as a DYNAMIC TREND-Which doesn not have a particular trait byt different views,beliefs,notions,culture......which cannot be fully met but however,you still have to live it but needs your unique best trial.

Life says-"Do your best and leave the rest"