Yar’Adua Urged To Probe NDLEA

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Nigeria's opposition party, the Action Congress (AC), has said it is time for the federal government to beam its searchlight on the activities of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and strengthen the org a nisation so that it can more effectively fight the growing menace of drug traffi c king.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by its National Publicity Secretary, Al haji Lai Mohammed, the party said recent reports of the activities of a few bad eggs within the organisation had raised fears that the gains so far recorded by the agency in fighting drug trafficking could be reversed, with dire consequences for the nation.

"Recently, it was reported that an attempt to smuggle cocaine, worth 20 billion naira, from Brazil was almost successful due to the connivance of a clique within the NDLEA, even when the agency was said to have been informed ahead that the boxes in which the cocaine was packed were heading to Nigeria.

``Also, it has been reported that a clique within the agency specialises in ensuring that convicted drug traffickers do not spend time in prison. These developments are very scary, considering the enormous resources that successful drug traffickers can lay claim to.

``Imagine this: A group of drug traffickers with 20 billion naira in their kitty can destabilise any government, whether state or federal.

That money can pay the salaries of civil servants in many states for several months! Proceeds of drug trafficking can even become slush funds to be used in sponsoring candidates to key political posts during elections, with a view to shielding drug traffickers!

"There is no limit to the damage that drug trafficking can do to the fabric of any society. That is why the NDLEA must be purged of the few bad eggs within the agency which, we must admit, has done relatively well since its establishment,'' AC said.

The party said the federal government could start by implementing the reports of past investigations into the activities of the NDLEA, and then follow up by looking at the agency's recruitment strategy to ensure that only honest and committed people are brought into its fold.

``The NDLEA is one of the most important government agencies, in view of the huge task with which it is saddled. Therefore, the government cannot afford to allow a few renegades to compromise the agency's task,'' AC said

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