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Introducing Yakubu Jubril aka YQ , a young Nigerian singer who has collaborated with artists like MI, Mode9, and 2shotz, was first noticed in 2003 when he was still with the group Q-Krest. The group, which consisted of just YQ and a friend, Krest-up has performed at important shows like the Tequila Event and The Coca-Cola Show where they opened for Ivorian sensation, Magic System. In 2004, he decided to pursue a solo career. Spotting his talents, YQ was quickly snapped up by a record label which was formed between 2Koncepts Entertainment and Storm Records. YQ finally introduced himself to the world with his debut album titled 'I am YQ'. In this exclusive interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, he speaks on his career, his role models in the entertainment industry among other issues.

What has been happening with YQ?
I have been around doing what I know how to do best which is music and I have also been in the studio working on my second album.

Your songs are really making lots of waves. What inspired you to enter into the music industry and make your album that swept people off their feet?

God is the only reason, His grace and mercy has been upon me and I always try my best to give all glory to Him because He has been so good to me. From the reactions so far it's been great.

You were very close to the late Dagrin. The first time I saw you guys together was when you both collaborated on a song, I can't remember the title. What was your relationship like before he passed on?

The song title was 'Imile'. We were close friends and we were like brothers because our friendship was so real.

When you heard of his death, what really came to your mind at that particular time?

I didn't believe it at first but what can we do; we can't question God.

Tell us more, who is YQ? Is he married or still searching?

I am a 'diamond in the rough'. I am in a relationship and it's very private.

What are you working on presently? A single or an album and when should we be expecting it?

I am working on my second album and some videos to back the songs up. I'm going to be doing a lot of experiments and still will give people good songs.

As an artist, who would you call your role model both in Nigeria and abroad and why?

Honestly, in Nigeria it's Tuface Idibia because of his humble nature and consistency, and abroad, R-Kelly, Akon, Bob Nesta Marley etc.

Tell us how is life in the music industry and how would you rate the Nigerian music industry as an insider?

It's been kind of hard recently but I'm a believer so that keeps me going. Our music is heard worldwide today and now we rule Africa.

Are you working on any song with any known international stars or you are still waiting for the right time?

I have a lot of things coming up soon and I always keep in touch with some Jamaican acts. Soon you will see something different.

The country is in the state of confusion now. If you are given the opportunity to meet one on one with Mr President, what would you tell him sincerely?

I will tell him to have the fear of GOD and allow GOD to lead him instead of the secret leaders.

The problem we have with artists these days is that they want fame by all means without good inspirational songs. If you are given the opportunity to advise these young highly inspired men and women, what would you say to them?

They should think of setting a trend instead of following or trying to copy. Originality is equal to longevity.

What is your biggest regret and the happiest thing you have done in life?

Quitting football for music. And the happiest thing is making a name in music and forgetting the pain and regret of leaving football.