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Oodua group backs Ogoni on autonomy

By Aokoya Ominiraoodua
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Ibadan, August 4, 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEThe Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) has expressed full support for the declaration of autonomy by the Ogoni people. In a statement issued after the group's Central Working Committee, (CWC) meeting held all-night at Ibadan on Friday, the group said every nationality in Nigeria has a lot to learn from the Ogoni declaration and that all nationalities seeking self-determination should begin to assert themselves.

“Today, we express our profound support for the historic declaration of autonomy and self-determination by the Ogoni people through one of the oldest self determination movements in Africa, the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People, (MOSOP)”, a statement issued in Ibadan and signed by Mr Akinwunmi Adeolu on behalf of AOKOYA stated.

The group said that it is significant that the declaration of autonomy is coming at a time the Yoruba people were preparing to mark the 55 Anniversary of Western self independence, (Autonomy) which comes up on August 8. We commend the leadership of MOSOP, led by Mr Goodluck Diigbo for this bold and inevitable decision. “We urge all other oil producing communities to follow the full steps of Ogoni and through all means necessary, prevent the exploitation of oil resources in their homelands.”

At this critical moment in Nigerian history, when the country and its people have been overstretched beyond the limits of tolerance, one of the most important solutions is for ethnic nationalities to seize their destinies with both hands. We support this bold initiative of the Ogoni people. We stand by them. We shall do whatever is necessary to ensure the consolidation of this declaration of autonomy.

AOKOYA whose main agenda is the realization of Oduduwa Republic said the current political leadership are hell-bent in leading the country into the pathway of violence and anarchy and that the way to confront this situation if for ethnic groups to assert themselves and insist on autonomy, a right expressly supported by the various United Nation's Conventions.

“Like every indigenous group in Nigeria, the Ogoni people have no hope in Nigeria. Their resources are plundered by the Nigerian state, their territories have been destroyed through half a century of oil exploration and naked, unending exploitation of the people. These exhaustible oil resources will not be there in about 20 years time. The decision of Ogoni people to assert autonomy will further preserve these resources from extinction. We fully support this decision and we look forward to support from nations and self-determination groups across the world. It is unfortunate that even though President Goodluck Jonathan is an Ijaw man, he is merely reinforcing the illusion that the Ijaw people are being empowered. We are certain that whatever decision he might have taken while in office that appears to favour his people, will be reversed by his successor. The President has been empowering individuals while he has no ideological depth to realize that the greatest empowerment can only come from the full control of resources by the Ijaw and all oil producing peoples and communities.

Mr Akinwunmi Adeola