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OSHIOMHOLE: What Next after Your Re-Election Victory?

By Jonathan Inobeme
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Let me commence by congratulating Governor Adams Aliu Oshiomhole for being re-elected the second term as governor of Edo State. There is no doubt the fact that your impressive accomplishments during your first tenure endeared you in the hearts of the people of Edo State which made the Edo people to vote for you massively in the just concluded gubernatorial election, thus, making you to emerge with an unprecedented landslide victory. Indeed, you have proven that there are still good and God-fearing leaders and the good people of Edo State have equally reciprocated proving that there are still good and God-fearing electorates who are not ingrates but rather appreciate good deeds of leaders. At the moment, you and the people of Edo State have become reliable examples of true democracy to other states in Nigeria and the international communities.

What next my comrade? You must maintain, retain and sustain the mondus oparandi that paved way to your excellent performance during your first tenure, that is, operation no to godfatherism, operation no to cabalnocracy in Edo State, effective resources management and utilization, and an effective taxation system.

Similarly, the area of security must be improved upon in Edo State. Recall that you also experienced the problem of security in the State as your life was severally targeted by the enemies of progress but God rescued you. Also, some of your close colleagues were sent to their premature graves by the enemies of progress. Thus, by focusing on addressing the problem of security in Edo State the death of those comrades would not be in vain.

You are indeed a man of many honours; you must endeavour to maintain your integrity. There is a general corrupt practice common among many Nigerian politicians who at their second tenure become corrupt and proceed to enrich themselves at the detriment of the electorates. Please comrade, do not behave like those politicians. You need to prove your worth in this aspect by transforming Edo State the more this second tenure. Go extra-mile to prove that when there is a will there is a way.

My competent comrade, recall the various criticisms made by your opponents during the election campaigns and debates, take the constructive criticisms and make all necessary improvements in your second tenure.

Equitable distribution of developmental projects in Edo State should be your watch words. There is need to ensure that all nocks and crannies of Edo State feel the positive impact of electing you, that is, the dividence of democracy. Please, do not let any parts of Edo State feel neglected because all parts of Edo State are important.

Charity begins at home; you are already a promising presidential candidate of Nigeria. You are a true leader renown with positive leadership qualities at home and internationally. You must preserve jealously this priceless reputation of yours.

Above all, we must continue to thank God who gives power for answered prayers; for granting you the mandate the second term. May God increase your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; protect, guide and secure you to enable you transform Edo State to its rightful position – the heart beat of the nation.

As the Edo people look forward to seeing and enjoying a continuation of your focused, purposeful and dynamic leadership, endeavour to accomplish greater achievements in this second term to justify the trust and confidence the Edo people uphold in your leadership ability. This is just the beginning of another vital phase of your name being permanently written in the indelible history of Edo State and Nigeria as a whole. Please do not drift to the path of those corrupt leaders who failed the Edo people. Keep on the good work of completely restoring the lost glory of Edo State and undoubtedly, good results are sure to follow. This is certainly an era of positive paradigm shift in Edo State. The glory of the latter shall be greater than the former; on this premise the Edo people expect nothing short of the best from you. My comrade, be reminded that the reward for hard work is more work. So do not rest on your past performance because more still need to be done. Rise above partisan consideration and carry along all people in the task of building Edo State. See the fresh mandate as a call for further duty in the service of this precious and blessed land of the Edo people and a tremendous privilege to progress with the policies and projects initiated during your first term to promote progress and development in Edo State.

Long live Governor Adams Aliu Oshiomhole!
Long live Edo State!!
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

By: Jonathan Inobeme
([email protected])

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