The Shock Of Reality

By Chukwu Njoku - Lagos, Nigeria

It is time that we face up to reality. Mirages and pretences cannot change or channel truth. Time is the greatest trumpeter of truth, and no human being can swindle or sway the hands and handle of time. It is the world's greatest detective, and history's best reference. The subtle yet stern workings of time will eventually expose the reality. So, let's face up to it now, and stop hiding under the guise of false illusion and crafted impression. Generations yet to come will read history's record, not the doctored advertorials littering the pages of our newspapers and magazines today. Achievement is a culmination of actions, not impressions. If you have achieved something history deems worthy of writing, it is your actions and decisions that will ignite the interest and fill the pages.

Today, it is common for our politicians to misguide the masses with carefully crafted reports of their attainments and accomplishments, whereas reality paints a different picture. At the end of the day, what is their gain - a mere temporal illusion of movement and progress amid stagnancy, inertia and corruption? Reality will speak louder and the true story will be written. Truth will always outrun and outclass falsehood and pretence. Products of feinting always end up fading and failing.

Let us stop deceiving ourselves. Time is short, and life is once. It is time our leaders channel their resources and efforts into what governance is all about – the promotion of virtues and values, the uplifting of the weak and weary, the restoration of hope and happiness in the people's hearts and homes. How? To put aside personal interests and allow the needs of the people to be forefront in our reasoning and reckoning. To feel what others feel is not just important to governance, it is integral. Without putting yourself in others positions with a genuine interest to alleviate their pains and contribute to their futures, the very purpose of politics is pushed aside.

If such intentions do not form the basis for our political warrior's assumptions to power, their stay in office is not only a waste of time but an abuse of responsibility. A governance of greed will only lead to a people in pain. Greed is not just taking actions and making decisions that enlarge the minorities pocket at the expense of the masses, but it is failure to make the most of the opportunities to restore common values and hopes to the people you are elected to lead. Only when these noble principles anchor our political ambitions will our leaders time in service bear fruit worthy of memory. In the light of such, I believe our leaders need to re-assess their values and priorities – because the world is watching, time is waning and history is writing.

I am reminded of the case of Pastor TB Joshua. If you talk of a vilified, maligned and disparaged pastor in the whole of Africa, I think most would point to him. There is no name under the sun that he has not been called, no rumour that has not been spread or lie peddled against him – yet time continues to reveal the reality of his ministry. The president of Ghana, Professor John Evans Atta Mills, openly declared him as his 'mentor' and shocked the whole world with the revelations of the prophetic message TB Joshua had given him before the Ghanaian election, which remarkably came true. His charitable works, prophetic declarations, healing services and practical messages are having a profound impact on people across the globe, changing countless lives and positively 'rebranding' many negative perceptions of Nigeria. Rather than fight back in those times of persecution, he remained silent, continued the good work with steadfastness and sincerity – and today, history is painting the real picture.

Let our leaders take a leaf from his book. Don't let reality shock you – face up to it now, and make the necessary adjustments of focus and fruit. As Joshua himself says 'We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.' This profound principle must be the focus of our politicians and form the basis of their tenures.

At the end of the day, people may be deceived - but no one can deceive time. And what time writes in the stillness, history will write in the storm.

Chukwu Njoku - Lagos, Nigeria