He Slept With My Bridesmaid

By Daily Graphic

My fiancé recently confessed to me that he accidentally slept with my bridesmaid-to-be when they met at a friend's party.They were both drunk.

I've spoken to the two of them separately and I'm trying very hard to forgive them but it has not been easy and I'm tempted to call off the marriage.

Some friends have asked me to forgive them and get married. What do you think? I love him very much.

Baaba, Sakumono

Dear Baaba,
The man has come clean hoping that you would forgive him, so why are you being hard?

I know it is a very difficult situation to be betrayed by your fiancé and bridesmaid-to-be. Forgive him if you love him. Give him a chance to make it up to you. Life is too short to hold grudges.

Don't call off the marriage. If it would please you to drop your bridesmaid then do just that. However, talk to him about booze since it looks like it gets him into trouble.