I Can't Stay With One man

By Daily Graphic
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Please, please help me out because I know I have a serious problem but I don't know what to do about it. Staying with one man at a time has proved difficult since I became sexually active at the age of 15.

Now I'm 23 years old and I still can't stop sleeping with other men although, I'm currently going out with this wonderful guy who is madly in love with me. It is also not about money.

I feel guilty because he does not know that I sleep around. Anyway, I have protected sex. What can I do to stop this behaviour?

Naaki, Kasoa

Naaki, you only have a huge sex drive and that is kind of cool. Or? Anyway, my dear, if it is not about money then I want to believe it is lack of sexual satisfaction. Probably, you are not getting what you want in your men so you have to top it up elsewhere thus 'doing' other men.

I know loads of people find it difficult to talk about sex with their partners and this creates problems in the bedroom department.

I hope you are not one of such. You will have to tell your partner what gives you the kicks and when he does them, I believe you will be happy and not seek pleasures elsewhere.

However, if after the talks, he does all you want yet you 'scout' around, then you will have to seek professional help from a clinical psychologist.