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A renegate criminal and lawless satanic being cannot dictate the pace of civility. That request would have been put “we want to stop our nefarious activities, but we want to see you, Mr. President”, but now they put it the satanic way “come to us yourself alone, no police, nothing, nothing.” How can the President go to faceless people without Army, Police, SSS and other Security Personnel. Where is he meeting them? I mean the place? Where are they?. Let them say where they are so that the President can meet with them. Where are they? Will the President go to a bunch of demonized hoodlums without Army, without Police, without Navy or Air- Force, without SSS, not even with Private Security of Mr. President. If the people are reasonable and of God, that is very excellent, but these are murderous and self-made satanic idiots without modicum of respect for human life. What is sound for them to demand is that Mr. President should give them “Safe Conduit” as they come openly to meet with him. The people championing their course should come to Mr. president to demand for a written “Self Conduit” endorsed by Mr. President himself guarantying their safety as they come out to meet with him, not the other way round. It is rather Mr. President that should give them conditions and safe conduit not almajiri-agents of darkness dictating for a whole President of a Nation. Book haram are agents of satan, belzebub, demon, darkness and hell. Nothing good can ever come from satan. How can Mr. President cheapen his life to that extent in the hands of riff-raffs who know nothing but murder and blood shed. People like Lateef Adegbite saying that Goodluck Jonathan should negotiate with them are boko haram themselves. The only ground for negotiations is that they surrender to Federal Government, not the Federal Government surrendering to them. The satanic spokesman of bokoharam that allegedly spoke to AIT Television Station in Damaturu, Yobe State demanded that:

1. Goodluck Jonathan should release boko haram criminals detained.

Counter Demand by Civility: all culprits should be treated legally according to the law. If mercy is needed, only Jesus and no other has it and can give it. But they don't believe in Jesus. That means they have prepared themselves for hell fire.

2. Sharia must be fully implemented in Northern Nigeria.

Counter Demand by Civility: Nigeria is a Circular State, not islamic State. No nation in the world is islamic State. That is mere balderdash from bottomless pit. Jesus Christ must win over all muslims to Himself through the proclamation of His Gospel by me- Innocent J.K.O. Northern Nigeria must be won over to Christ. Boko haram members will be repenting towards Jesus Christ now onwards starting from A to Z of them by the Force of God-The Holy Spirit in conviction.

3. Ali Modu Sheriff, Alhaji Abubakar, Minister of Police Affairs, Mr. Ibrahim Yakubu, must be arrested .

Counter Demand by Civility: if they killed as bokoharam kills, and merited anything worthy of arrest, even God Himself who is Jesus Christ, demands that they should be arrested.

4. President must come to Yobe State alone without Police, Army, nothing, nothing.

Counter Demand by Civility: boko haram must repent towards Nigeria and not Nigeria repenting towards boko haram when they shedded the blood of innocent Nigerians. The President is the full embodiment of Nigeria and must be respected as that. Nigeria can repent towards boko haram if Nigeria sinned against them directly apart from inflicting poverty on all of us commoners, and not to boko haram alone, a sin the President is guilty of, not only to boko haramers, but to all the hoi polloi Nigerians. The President should repent towards Nigerians generally, and not particularly to boko haram members. The President should NOT go to Yobe State, but stay in the Federal Capital Abuja, and confess cheating on Nigerians by allowing himself, his Cabinet, his wife as First Lady, his Ministers and all cronies, to siphon the money of Nigerians. The President should note that he has failed utterly as a Leader. Innocent J.K.O. is not hiding him or standing in for him in this regard. But for boko haramers to speak the mind of satan their father and force it on Nigerian President and on Nigerians themselves means they should either repent to Jesus first who created those they killed and kill and repent to Nigerians or be duely exterminated any time from now by the Force of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

5. The President must come to AIT Television Station at Damaturu, Yobe State, we put a number, he will call us and we will tell him our reason.

Counter Demand by Civility: they should put a number at AIT in Yobe State for Mr. President to talk to them from Abuja as they are willing to come openly to meet with Mr. President. They should demand for “Self Conduit” signed by Mr. President himself to guarantee their safety as they come publicly to repent and confess their sins against Nigerians openly. Both me (Innocent J.K.O.) and boko haramers agree on only one point: there should be no secrecy in negotiation. Boko haram have been killing, maiming and bombing Nigerians openly. If they want to repent, they can only do that openly as well, nothing less is acceptable. Jonathan is not even duty bound to give them safe conduit because they don't merit it. They merit death, maiming bombing and nothing less. If Nigerians want to give them “Safe Conduit” to meet their President, it is a mere prerogative of mercy and not meritorious. If they don't come out to confess openly and beg Nigerians for this act of wanton blood shed, they will be exterminated in a very short time and consequentially the entire far Northern Nigerian lands of Hausa, Fulani , Bornu, Yobe, Gombe and others harboring them, will never smell power of presidency in Nigeria again except the Christ-likes among them.

6. A statement to Adegbite:
no dialogue by Mr. president with boko haram if they don't want to first repent towards Jesus Christ for destroying life he created. Poverty in the far North is the making of their islamic leaders and not necessarily Good luck Jonathan. Poverty should be tackled generally and not particularly in the far North. Islam is destroying far North first and foremost, while poverty is secondary. Islam Is The Problem Of This World Generally, And Not Poverty.

7. Methodist Prelate Makinde said “God of our fore-fathers: Ahmadu bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo and Herbert Macualay who sacrificed there all to win Independence for us”

Comment by Civility: God is God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Innocent J.K.O., and all those whose names are in the Book of Life, and not God of satanic people who all died and are right now in hell fire like: Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Balewa, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo and Herbert Macualay. That they fought for Independence does not mean anything because any other person could have done if they didn't. They did not fight for the salvation of their souls. So, they lost their souls to satan in hell.

8. Minister of Interior-Moro's Advice “stand up to terror”

Comment by Civility: it seems right, but wrong before God. First Bible says “for by strength shall no man prevail”. You don't fold arms and let people kill you if Jesus has not commanded it. But the same source of your counter attack should be Jesus Himself. It needs understanding. Besides, Security Operatives, I mean many of them are equally boko haram-compliant. Many of them are muslems many of who are boko haram-complaint. President Goodluck Jonaathan said “many book haram members are around me.” That is quite true. Let Moro know that sponsors of boko haram are around Mr. President which probably are his far northern respected allies. Every muslem is boko haram-compliant.

9. Reps okaying boko haram demand for dialogue.
Comment by Civility: which dialogue? Dialogue is good if you come out of your cocoon and be “faceful” not faceless.

Goodluck Jonathan should NOT go to Yobe to obey the call of murderers except he want to be murdered for his Vice, a boko haram-compliant person to take over. Boko haram should send their representatives and sponsors. Adegbite, Emir of Fika, El-kanemi of Bornu, Isa Yuguda, Ibrahim Babaginda, Governor of Yobe, Governor of Bornu, present and former. Muhammadu Buhari, Ahmed Sanni, as well as Sanusi Lamido Sanusi of CBN should pray the President for “Safe Conduit” for boko haramers as they repent publicly and come to meet Goodluck Jonathan for the said dialogue. Anything short of this is fake and should not be obeyed by Goodluck Jonathan. Boko haram people should talk to me for a way out because I have the solution.

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Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a seasoned Human Rights Activist and an unbiased National Commentator. Also visit these facebook sites: Justice Stand, Nigeria Unity and Kindness Innocent Jonah.


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