I've Changed, But He's No Longer Interested In Me

By Daily Graphic
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Dear Nana Ama,

I am 23 and in a relationship with a 27-year-old guy who resides in the USA. I love him very much and he is everything I ever wanted in a guy.

However, in the course of our relationship, l did a few things which made him lose faith in me. He discovered that I cheated on him a couple of times and l also used to be very impatient with him.

The good news is that I have become a very changed person since I converted to Christianity and l now regret all those past misdeeds.

Unfortunately, he no longer calls me as often as he used to, and when l take the initiative to call him, he appears to be in a hurry to end the conversation.

It is, therefore, very difficult for me to prove to him that l have really changed for the better.

He used to tell me he would marry me but these days he hardly communicates with me and this is giving me sleepless nights.

What should l do?

Maame Afua, Pokuase

Dear Maame Afua,

It’s possible that because of how you related with him in the past, coupled with your infidelity and other possible factors, your friend may have cooled off the relationship.

Remember that he is not in town to personally appreciate your conversion and the subsequent change in you. You may be a Christian now but he may not be convinced even if you tell him so.

You need, therefore, to know if your friend is still as excited about your relationship with him as you are about him. You can find out by suspending your calls to him and wait for him to call.

Generally if a guy is into you, he usually would like to talk to you and hear your voice as often as possible. He would also want to know what is happening with you quite often.

If you wait for weeks or months, as the case may be, and he does not call you, you may think of it as being over and do your best to move on with your life.

Hopefully, with your conversion, you may find someone who will better appreciate you.