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Big Brother StarGame kicked off on Sunday night with a big bang!'From celebrities to uber hot Downville housemates and a performance by American Star J Cole, it was definitely a star-bright beginning for the new season of Big Brother Africa.

Seven celebrity housemates entered Upville and are considered the VIPs of the set-up. They're living the life that the Downville housemates need to aspire to.

This year, the contestants are divided into two groups, namely the VIPs and the wannabes. The VIPs have been put into the snazzy Upville house while the wannabes are in the not- so- snazzy Downville House.

This year's Housemates are from Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

While they sink themselves into the walls of their new homes, here's a Who's Who to tuck into:

CHRIS Age: 25 Country: Nigeria
Fashion designer Chris is single and has a degree in Human Kinetics. He entered Big Brother StarGame because he thinks the House is fun - and he's a fun-loving person. He hopes to bring his own style to the game and make a great impression. He's looking forward to partnering with fellow Nigerian Ola because 'he is one of the funniest individuals I have come across and I think we share the same sense of humour. He's a crazy guy, trust me!'

*BBA Star game contestants
Lady May Age: 25 Country: Namibia
Lady May is an award-winning musician who can't wait to have Africa's eyes on her 24/7 on Big Brother StarGame. She sums up what viewers can expect from her in one word: 'excitement!'. Lady May says she doesn't let anyone or anything bring her down and loves people who pick themselves up from life's knocks and never give up.

She entered Big Brother StarGame for the opportunity to meet diverse characters and come face-to-face with different, unique challenges. Lady May feels that the house 'brings Africa together'.

She has watched previous seasons of the show and lists Stefan Ludik and Cherise as her favourite former housemates. If she wins the grand prize, she'll spend some of it on 'making over' her teeth and invest the rest wisely. She says her 'not so perfect' teeth affects her smile and confidence and that giving herself a perfect smile would make her dreams come true.

MAMPI Age: 25 Country:Zambia
Zambian R&B star Mampi has made her intentions for Big Brother StarGame clear: 'nothing will stop me from getting what belongs to me - I am going all-out'. The 'Queen Diva' from Lusaka was inspired to enter Big Brother by her fans.

'They know what I'm capable of doing and they know I am a go-getter who will raise my Zambian flag colours high,' she says. She is looking forward to having Africa's eyes on her 24/7, where she'll show the continent how much of an entertainer she is.

Mampi says the best thing about Africa is that it's a beautiful and rich continent with friendly and cultured people.

Describing herself as spontaneous, unpredictable, sexy and as a diva, Mampi likes good listeners and people who are friendly, funny and free-spirited.

Prezzo Age: 32 Country: Kenya
Musician Prezzo was inspired to enter Big Brother StarGame because he sees it as a great challenge. He says he is looking forward to being on Africa's TV screens 24/7 because he loves attention. He hasn't really seen much of previous seasons of the show and says that if he wins the grand prize, he'll 'cross that bridge when we get to it'.

He says he hardly watches any TV but enjoys movies like 'Scarface' on the big screen, listing Al Pacino and Mos Def as his top actors. He'll eat just about anything - except pork - and his favourite book is '48 Laws of Power'.

ROKI Age: 27 Country: Zimbabwe
Harare-born Roki is a musician who describes himself as creative, quick, attentive, productive and soft. He has been told that his soft heart will be his downfall, but he reckons 'it's just easier to let go of stuff'. He likes caring, hard-working and clever people and dislikes people who are lazy and heartless.

He promises viewers entertainment and says that his family is behind him 100%. If he wins the grand prize, he'd follow his dream and go to Hollywood. Apart from the money and exposure, he's hoping to open his mind by taking part in Big Brother StarGame and also develop his understanding of all Africa. His favourite Big Brother Housemate from previous seasons is Vina.