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The just concluded AMAA 2012 witnessed the drama between Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen and John Chukwuma Abua over the movie ADESUWA.

'ADESUWA- A Wasted Lust' a movie owned by John Chukwuma Abua, was premiered in March at the Renaissance Hotel, Alausa, Ikeja Lagos. The long awaited blockbuster is set for release in cinemas nationwide and was nominated in 10 categories at the just concluded AMAA 2012. It won 3 awards at AMAA, which are Best Nigerian Film, Best Costume, and Best Visual Effects. According to sources, a mild drama occurred back-stage between the Executive Producer, John C. Abua and the Director of ADESUWA, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, and could have deteriorated into a full-blow altercation but for the timely intervention of some Nollywood stakeholders. Apparently, there is an ongoing tussle over the ownership of ADESUWA, which John C. Abua, the Executive Producer, recently declared that he solely funded to the tune of 18 million naira, and paid consultation fee of 50,000 naira as well as paid Lancelot Imasuen to direct and produce. John Chukwuma Abua further revealed that, to his shock and dismay, Lancelot Imasuen has appropriated to himself the role of Executive producer and financier of the project, especially in the media, and consequently has been falsely claiming ownership of the movie. During the AMAA ceremony, after it was announced that ADESUWA won the Best Nigerian Film category, John Abua naturally approached the stage to receive the award. However, Lancelot also rushed on stage to receive the same award. Abua got the award, gave a brief speech of appreciation and graciously handed the plaque to Lancelot, who also gave a brief speech. However, Lancelot refused to return the plaque to Abua after they left the stage, and back-stage he attempted to break the plaque to spite the Executive Producer which caught the attention of some Nollywood stakeholders who intervened and persuaded Lancelot to hand-over the plaque to its rightful owner.