10 Signs He’s Just That Into You

By ghanamma
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Sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference between a guy that is just being nice and one that is totally into you. Sure, we women have a tendency to over-analyze everything (did you see ”He's Just Not That Into You”?!), but that usually happens after we're dating the guy. So how do you know for sure he's trying to get with you? Here are 10 signs he's obviously into you.

1. He greets you by your name after only meeting you once.

2. He directs his conversation towards you even amongst a group of folks.

3. He Googles you to find common interests and mentions his findings casually in conversation.

4. He befriends your BFF to get closer to you.
5. He notices and comments on the effort you put into your outfit.

6. He steals glances at you.
7. He's willing to hang out with your friends.
8. He knows the nicknames you and your friends have given each other.

9. He's memorized your commute routine and happens to run into you on the subway every morning.

10. He makes up opportunities to hang with you.
Warning: If he shows these signs, it's also possible that he's a stalker.