African Women's Sexuality

By ghanamma

Undermined, underrated, depreciated and deprived of some damn good loving. Along the way something has broken inside the Black woman of today..What was once a frowned on deed, a taboo subject to even discuss is now a mind-blowing adventure to an eloquent and energetic Black woman.. Sex was a topic off limits among Black women, let alone the idea of being in control in the bedroom department or the conception of demanding at least a round whenever the edge gets the better of you.. In my grandmother's era female sex addiction was certainly unheard of and yet the idea of a negative response to the advances of the man of the house could cause a hullabaloo in one's compound.. Women simply had no say. S was for Submissive! Pleasing one's man was high on the agenda.. All is but in the previous yesteryear for a new woman has taken stage, she has been liberated enough to know about sexual euphoria.

While most are reserved and in bondage to the suppressive rules of culture and tradition, a different type of woman, one who is scared not to experiment has evolved. "Miss Independent" plays the delicate and intricate game and knows how it's like to be a woman in a world where machismo rules. She goes on an adventure with her sexuality to see what works and what doesn't. She merely does not conform to the ways of the male world. No, Sir! The new woman definitely knows how to give and take in bed.

While our mothers succumbed to the endless fancy of the missionary position and the role of pleasing their men, this new generation of a woman however is all into kinkiness and scandalous adventures. She knows how to take, take and do more taking. And it's about time too! Women were a stitch then and many are a whole nine yards now! They have woken up to realise that sex isn't just for men, or just for manufacturing a perfect generation either. An occasional sex junkie of a woman didn't exist then for women where merely decorative, and submissive to male needs. They where never recognised for their work in bed or out of it. Their work always unvalued, devalued, unwaged and low waged. Her sister, the one falling behind, she shies away from her sexual needs. So loyal to culture and familiarity she walks around with invisible chains that hold her captive to the oppressive pathetic rules of machismo. She is deprived, tamed, down trodden and yearning for release.

The cool independent woman of today a turn-of-the-century chick has however come to learn that. No guts, no glory hence no euphoria. Certainly she is a woman of substance.. She walks like she gives no damn, abides by the rules of her heart and not what society expects of her. She is ambitious enough to want to be a memorable lover and smart enough to fake it whenever a man fails to satisfy! She goes only for the one who promises to be a successful lover. The one willing to work on his language skills just so he is able to practice the alphabet on her inner most sensitive individual. She is neither ashamed to have a new clitoris built just so she could experience the most outstanding ecstasy.

Today's woman isn't scared to want, to feel, to be needy and to experience. She is a sex goddess and she's hot! She invests in the biggest and most expensive rampant rabbit in town. She definitely knows how to please herself, the scariest thing of all to the male species. She takes complete authority and is not afraid to be a single mother. She is independent, intelligent, sassy and in control. She will walk away from her man if he's not the one, and doesn't give a toss to what society thinks of her fatherless household. Untamed, sensuous, and a little wilder, she might go a little nuts but it's about time too! She won't let society, norms, or tradition do what to her what it did to her mother's generation and generations of women before that. Hell no! Miss adventurous has a brain and isn't afraid to show and use it. Neither is this new woman afraid to voice out her opinions. She is a lawyer, doctor, a mother, director, counsellor, actress, pilot, career girl, independent and liberated. She is a real woman and challenges the so called male superiority. She knows how to cope with the dizzying complexities of modern life. She is happy, comfortable in her own skin, a go-getter ... she is Euphoric.

Being a woman is being a minority but times have changed and it's damn time too that women take up mantle of their sexuality and femininity, and not apologize for it. Education had his turn with the letter "E", now E is for Euphoria.