Avoid promiscuous lifestyles – Medical practitioner


A Medical Practitioner has underscored the need for Ghanaians especially the youth to avoid promiscuous lifestyles in the pursuit of their careers.

Dr Alberta Nyarko, Physician in-charge of the Anti-Retroviral Therapy Clinic of the Kumasi South Hospital, who gave the advice, said this was crucial in bringing the prevalence rate of the HIV/AIDS pandemic to the barest minimum for increased productivity.

She was speaking at the celebration of the World AIDS Day held at the Kumasi South Hospital at Kyirapatre on Monday. It was on the theme: “Know Your HIV Status”.

Dr Nyarko observed that the youth held the key to achieving the nation's development goals in view of the fact that they constituted a large proportion of Ghana's population and workforce.

He said it behoved on the youth to avail themselves to the job opportunities created by the government to enhance their living standards.

She said it was not true that HIV/AIDS was non-existent or caused by spiritual beings and that the earlier people put up responsible behaviours the better it would be for them to prolong their life span.

Dr Frank Abebrese, Medical Superintendent in-charge of the hospital, implored Ghanaians to go for Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) to enable them know their status and lead responsible lifestyles. Nana Owusu Annor Panin III, Kyirapatrehene, who chaired the occasion, said the fact that the prevalence rate of the HIV/AIDS had come down should not make the citizenry complacent but should rather urge them on to campaign vigorously to eradicate the disease completely.