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Contrary to rumours making the rounds that Nuella Njubigbo is pregnant for the top Nollywood producer cum actor, Tchidi Chikere, the light-complexioned actress is not pregnant.

Also, the insinuation that  Chikere whose nine year old marriage to his ex-wife, Sophia crashed last week  has concluded plan to temporarily relocate to the United States with his Nuella is said to be unfounded.

A soft-sell magazine  and a  popular blog during the week reported that the beautiful actress is pregnant for Chikere adding that both lovers are planning to tie the knot by the end of the year.

Tchidi Chikere & Nuella Njubigbo
Reacting to the report, which it described as 'malicious and untrue' Chikere's publicist, BigSam Media said 'nobody is pregnant for our client.'

In a statement made available to WG, Chikere's publicist claimed that going by their  findings, the actress in question is presently on a movie location with Osuofia(Nkem Owoh) in Enugu.

The statement reads; 'Nobody is pregnant for our client. We couldn't fathom why reporters delight in fabricating falsehood in the name of gossip.  Pregnancy is not something that can be hidden, and according to our findings, the said actress is presently on location with actor, Nkem Owoh in Enugu. Those who care to know the truth and are not interested in propaganda can find out the true state of her 'pregnancy.'

'Tchidi Chikere is not getting married to anyone anytime soon. We cannot comprehend where the fabricating machine got such lies from, and the December date is just around the corner, so let's wait and see.'

However, the statement debunked the insinuation that Chikere is currently living with the actress, claiming that the dreadlocks-wearing  director  has not been happy in the nine years of his collapsed marriage.

'His family knows about it, Sophia's family are also aware of it. Close friends and associates can also testify to the state of the couple's marital affairs.

Should we ask a man or woman to continue in perpetual state of unhappiness all in the name of saving face?'

'He has worked on the marriage for the past nine years and has exhausted all means of peaceful co-existence with his wife, all thanks to Sophia.

The decision to end the marriage has nothing to do with any woman and Sophia knows this herself. Otherwise she wouldn't have made promises to friends and family members to turn a new leaf.'

'No matter the falsehood published after this, our client will not be joining issues with anyone or those who have chosen to pursue personal vendetta on the pages of newspaper.'

'Our attention has been drawn to a malicious report by a softsell magazine and select blogs about our client, Tchidi Chikere on the state of his marriage and the reasons behind his decision to walk away from the nine-year union.

In the said report, the soft sell publication claimed Tchidi currently lives with the said 'pregnant actress' while planning to tie the knot with her by the end of the year.'

'The report is at best laughable and absolutely untrue. So that truth will not be turned on its head and silence taken as admission of guilt, we wish to make the following points clear.' reads the statement.

Tchidi and his ex-wife,  Sophia last week agreed to go their separate ways after nine years of union that produced three wonderful children (boys), owing to irreconcilable differences.

However, many accusing fingers have been pointed at Nuella, as being responsible for the break-up of  their marriage.

WG gathered that Tchidi and Nuella began their romance few years ago on the location of three movies 'Fears Untold', 'First Value' and 'All for One',which were set at Spain and Delta State respectively.

The production of these films which occurred sequentially lasted over five months. Having worked together for a very long time, the award winning movie director developed interest in her and offered to move her career to the next level.

According to our source, the gifted script writer cum actress who is a graduate of Public Administration from Imo State University accepted the offer and before finishing the productions, the flame of love was already burning uncontrollably in their hearts.

The love-affair remained top secret between the two movie makers till May, last year when the movie producer,(name with held) who is based in Spain held a grand party to introduce the three films,casts and crew.

Tchidi and Nuella were indeed an item at the party which held in Asaba, Delta State. They were said to have stormed the party together with the same car, adorned red carpet together and hummed like love bird right into each others ears throughout  the duration of the event,and departed the venue together in the same car.