Is It A Girl's Duty To Resist Boys?

By Daily Graphic
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It is always important for girls to resist all forms of sexual advances from the opposite sex. This is because ultimately, they are those who suffer.

When a girl becomes pregnant, she very often drops out of school. It is usually not unlikely for her future to become nightmarish and wasted as a result of that.

The boy who impregnated her, on the other hand, continues with his education and this is the more reason girls are always warned to resist sexual advances from boys and men. If they do that, a good future for them could be assured.

But why should girls resist boys if they can develop the strong will not to start having sex even if they are in a relationship? And what if both the boy and the girl agree not to have sex?

These are some of the questions I believe you would ask, especially when a boy is putting so much pressure on you. Besides, you also find him attractive and, in fact, most of the girls around have a crush on him. So you wrongly consider yourself lucky for him to be making passes at you.

All young people need to understand that when you become a teenager, you begin to experience some of the realities of life. Your parents are not around you 24 hours of the day as it often is when you are younger, so you need to take certain decisions on your own without asking mum or dad first.

Boys apart from problems related with sex are sometimes tempted to use drugs and indulge in other social vices. For girls, very often, the main problem they face concerns sex. This is because at this stage you develop certain features that make you extremely beautiful and attractive. And most boys and men you meet sometimes cannot take their eyes off you.

What those boys and men do is to try as much as possible to lure you into a relationship with them. In the beginning they will promise that it will never get sexual, but that is hard to keep.

While they are 'chasing' you, they will tell you sweet things and promise you heaven. They will shower you with gifts and give you whatever you ask for.

But don't be fooled because that boy, young man or old man who could be your dad is looking for just one thing from you — sex.

By Adeline Koramoah