Domestic Violence, BE AWARE!!

By Theresa Oppon
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''Domestic Violence Shouldn't be Tolerated'' unfortunately this Affects a huge Percentage of Woman, Regardless of their Race, Ethnic, Religious Group, Class, Lifestyle or Disability.
Because Domestic Violence is Abuse it takes the Form of Physical, Sexual, Emotional and Psychological Abuse. The Perpetrator tends to be a Man in a Majority of cases. This type of behavior is caused by a deep Desire from 'ONES HEART' to GAIN MORE POWER, CONTROL and DOMINANCE.

The Abuser tends to use Fear, Intimidation, Guilt; Shame to wear you down, in the End the Abuser is able to take Control and Gain Complete Power over you. This type of Abuse tends to take place in intimate Relationships or whilst the Couple is breaking up, after the relationship has ended or within the Family.

Sometimes ONE assumes that Domestic Violence Affects Women who are Passive and have ¹Low Self Esteem my experiences as a counsellor has shown me whether you are the Abuser or the Victim there is no Particular type of Personality that we can say the INDIVIDUAL tends to be Violent and Loud. Therefore he/she is likely to Become an a Abuser, Domestic Violence derives from All Personality types.

A Majority of Domestic Violence cases takes place behind closed doors, this is why we cannot Judge or Stereotype people who are unfortunately experiencing Domestic Violence. It's very important that we aware of the Signs (below) to enable 'you' to be Aware as well as helping your Friends close Neighbors or Family Members or yourself.

Physical violence
Accusations of Having Affairs
Personality Changes
Fear of Conflict
Absent from work or School Regularly
Low Self Esteem

Domestic Violence is Devastating, the Consequence can affect the Victims for many years eventually Affecting their Self-Esteem and Confidents. Trying to move on can be very difficult especially if Isolation was involved, the Abused one tends to loose their Self-Worth, due to the false sense of security set up by the Perpetrator, the victim has become WEAK and FEARFUL. This is exactly what the Abuser is trying to achieve eventual the Abuser takes control as I have Mentioned. If Children are involved in Domestic Violence or witnessed to such Devastation, this may Affect their Behavior they tend to become Aggressive and Bullies. As they Grow into Adulthood they tend to help People, they can be very sensitive individuals and very caring and patient, this is very positive.

Seeking Help! How to Overcome Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence tends to Happen behind Closed doors, sometimes Intimidation and shame can take place in Public and can be very embarrassing.
Its important that you seek some sort of help whether that's Communicating with someone who you trust this could be a Pastor, close relative, friends or Trustworthy work Colleague.

Counselling is very important when you are in any type of Abusive Relationship, Churches provides very good Counselling Services that can involve Prayer Deliverance, Healing, Restoration and Forgiveness. There are a number of ²Organisations or Charity Voluntary services who can Advise on what sort of help is available to you in your situation for example Accommodation if you runway or Relocation if your life maybe in Danger If you feel that your situation is likely to get worse then please don't stay Call the POLICE don't Isolate yourself hoping the Situation will get better Domestic Violence will not stop don't tell yourself you cant live without him its unacceptable behaviour the Abuser clearly knows what he/she is doing and he will never change. The situation will only get worse the longer you stay in the ARMS OF THE ABUSE, YOU ARE CONSTANTLY FEEDING HIM WITH PRIDE POWER AND CONTROL and adding to his Ego. Please try and understand that you are WORTHY, SPECIALLY and God Loves you. Domestic Violence dose not seek Peace Joy or Happiness! Only the Opposite.

Please if you are not Experiencing Domestic Violence or you know someone please feel free to pass on the Information Private Messages are Welcome. Having faith in God is very important although this type of behavior and action is called Domestic Violence it all comes down to ONE individual who believes he/she can BE God and feel good about himself. These negative Desires such as taking Control, Dominating, Gaining Power all comes down to PRIDE, Ego and Selfishness.

Thank you

Theresa Oppon

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¹ Low Self-Esteem- Some people who experience Domestic Violence May come across very confident at work during their hobbies or as a mother.
In terms of their Relationship, they tend to be Powerlessness have Low Self-Esteem, she believes that she cannot make it on her own or without her Partner.

² Organinsation- Please use the web to locate an Organisation or a charity with in your country.