Abuse, Relationships or Marriages

By Theresa Oppon
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''Are you in a Abusive Relationship or Marriage, well you're not alone''. Abuse occurs in all cultures; people of all races, ethnicity's, Religions, sexes and classes.

Abuse can be emotional, mental, physical. it doesn't matter whether you experiencing just one for example Emotional Abuse, this is still considered as abuse.
Some times when 'one' is experiencing Abuse they find it very difficult to communicate about it even to close members of their family or close friends, this can be due to Embarrassment or Low self Esteem. it,s so important that you seek help if you are in a Abusive relationships, you also need to ask your self questions if you feel uncomfortable to speak about it. but let me tell you something as a Counsellor in Domestic Violence and Rape victims, I find that people who have Self- esteem won't tolerate abuse, if you have Boundaries you wont be abused and if you seek counselling you are able to look into yourself and ask questions as to why this is happening and get answers. you should have all three in your marriages or Relationships, Self- esteem, Boundaries and counselling.

'Don't allow no man or woman to brainwash you' it's not Love, he or she will never change, don't try and do things for the person who is abusing you as they will never appreciate it. Calling you names and bringing you down will never motivate or encourage you. neglecting you will never make you stronger.

This is why I have decided to raise this topic (Thank God For The Internet), Please if you are not in a abusive Relationship or you know someone who is, feel free to pass on the information. Private messages are welcome.

Thank you

Theresa Oppon
[email protected]