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Nigerian Power Couples - The Secrets to their Long-lasting Marriages

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What has really kept them together this long? Does having lasting relationships have anything to do with working together? These couples are in the spotlight and contrary to the notion that celebrity marriages don't last, these ones have been able to weather the storm. Probably there could be some peculiar observations that we can make.

Married for 10years+

Fela and Tara Durotoye: Fela is a motivational speaker and business coach and Tara is an Entrepreneur. Need we say more about how they help and complement each other? This is what Fela Said to Tara on their fourth wedding anniversary :

'I am committed to working with God to bring out the best you that God has put in you. I am determined on seeing all of God's dreams for you come to pass. Today, it's House of Tara, in a short while, the WORLD OF TARA would soon become a reality, the multi-national empire that reveals the real beauty in every woman from the four corners of the world.'

Married for 25years+

Olu and Joke Jacobs: Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva grew in acting together, they just keyed into each other, and look at each other like partners not rivals. This is what Olu has to say:

' It is always good when God gives you your friend as spouse, when you meet your friend as your wife, life would be much easier because when others fail, you would succeed with friendship. Joke is more than a friend to me, she is a mother, a friend and a very caring, generous and deep person'

Tunde and Wunmi Obe(T.W.O) have been singing together right from university days(married 11yrs). They've always been working together in whateverventure they get into. In his words Tunde tells what has kept them together:

'First and foremost, it is God. Without Him, we couldn't have lasted this long and secondly, there is this mutual respect. And from the beginning she saw me as someone who had something to offer. And its vice versa. She matches up with me intellectually and socially. You should marry someone that can measure up to your intelligence. We also communicate a lot, and the respect between us makes it easier. I see her as my equal, I don't talk to her in a condescending manner, neither do I use derogatory words for her. There is also the love factor, but we also made up our minds that we were going to ensure it works'.