Who Decides Fashion?

By Daily Graphic
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The French word couturier means someone who designs and makes fashionable clothes for women. It is these designers who begin trends and create new silhouettes.

The work of famous couturiers of different countries is copied all over the world.

Paris has always been the traditional centre of the world of fashion. But recently British designers have had great influence in setting new styles, and so have certain designers in the United States and Italy.

French designers guard the secrets of new designs until their collections are shown to the public. Then pictures of the styles are published in the newspapers and magazines all over the world.

People from many countries travel to Paris to buy clothes and to copy the newest ideas.

Many dress manufacturers from other countries buy the original clothes of the famous designers. They take them back to their own design rooms, where the clothes are copied line-for-line and made up in great numbers.

That's why you may be able to buy in your own town the clothing that is in the latest style without paying a very high price for it.

Some manufacturers use the Paris styles simply as a starting point for their own ideas. Others may adapt only a part of the original design into their own styles.

London has become one of the most important fashion centres in the world. British designers create new fashions and show their collections. Buyers from stores all over the world go to London to buy clothes.

After the buyers choose the designs, the dress manufacturers add up the stored orders, buy fabrics and have dresses sewn by machines.

They are then shipped to cities all over the world.

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