Magazine On Good Parenting Launched

Source: Times Reporter -
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A magazine that will offer a comprehensive, positive and practical source of information to enable parents better understand their children and make good parenting decisions, has been launched in Accra.

The bi-monthly magazine, Today's Parent, is also an advocacy mouth-piece on social issues both within and outside the home.

Ms Joyce Aryee, Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Chamber of Mines, who launched the magazine, called on contributors to the magazine to be guided by the core values of parenting.

The values, she said, are reflected in their recognition that in order to succeed in raising healthy and productive children, it is important for a parent to take good care of their body, mind and spirit as well.

“Parenting skills are not learnt in a day but as one goes along in life you become perfect,” she said.

Ms Aryee noted that the magazine is coming at the time when parents are finding it difficult in the upbringing of children, adding the magazine will help parents to be informed on what is best for their child.

She called on government and other stakeholders to dedicate more resources to women in nurturing children.

Mrs Sardia Mould, Chief Executive of Savannah Publications, said parenting is important because if children are young, they may never have the opportunity to correct their mistakes.

She noted that parents need to seek out the advice of others, read widely and seek the opinion of experts to make sure that they are doing the best for their children.