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Oni faults Fayemi over claims on road projects

By Lere Olayinka
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The immediate past Governor of Ekiti State, Chief Segun Oni has described claims by the Dr. Kayode Fayemi-led Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) government in the State on road projects as false, adding that; “For Fayemi to have claimed that his government initiated construction of roads that were completed as far back as 2008 says much about how deceitful the present government in the State is.”

Speaking through his Media Aide, Mr. Lere Olayinka, the former governor said; “Listing already completed roads like Okemesi-Ajindo-Ikoro-Ijero, Isan-Ilemeso, Ikole-Iyemero, Ise-Emure-Supare, Ilawe-Igede, Iludun-Eda Oniyo-Obo Ayegunle Boundary, Ilawe-Erijinyan, Isinbode-Iro-Federal-Iro-Irun and roads like Ado-Iworoko-Ifaki, Osun-Osan among other roads that were under construction before Fayemi became governor is to say the least fraudulent.”

Oni, who said he was shocked when he saw the roads listed in the State

2012 Diary as those initiated by the Fayemi-led ACN government, added that; “The rate at which lies are being told by the ACN government should worry Ekiti people, including ACN supporters themselves.”

He said even though he was not interested in who takes the credit for the many projects executed by his administration, adding that; “no amount of lies can erase from the minds of Ekiti people, the fact that over 400 kilometres of road were initiated and completed by the Oni-led government while over 500 kilometres were ongoing before Fayemi was judicially imposed on Ekiti.”

Oni listed some of the roads initiated and completed by his government to include 16 kilometres Isinbode-Iro-Federal-Iro-Irun road, 29.1 kilometres Oke Ayedun –Ipao – Oke Ako – Irele road, 10 kilometres Ita-Awure – Ido-Ile road, 20.1km Ido-Otun-Kwara Border, 10.5 Ita-Ido – Ido-Ile, 13.2km Otun-Erinmope-Kwara Border, 4.2km Orin-Ido-Orin Farm Settlement, 32.1km Emure-Supare, 5.9km Egbe-Imesi, 6.0km Igbara-Odo – Ibuji, 17.0km Omuo-Oke – Omuo-Odo – Itapaji Dam, 29.8km Agbado-Ode-Omuo, 10km Omuo-Eda Ile, 13.2km Emure-Eporo, 9.6km Iludun-Eda Oniyo-Obo Ayegunle Boundary, 14.30km Erinjinyan – Ilawe, 26km Okemesi-Ajindo-Ikoro-Ijero and 9.50km Igede – Ilawe.

He said; “Having lied to gain power, one would have expected that Dr.

Fayemi would stop lying, but from the look of things, he is not prepared to stop deceiving the people.

“Isn't it shameful and deceitful that a governor would list roads that were completed more than two years before he assumed office as projects initiated by his government and published same in the State Diary?

“Or does Dr. Fayemi think Ekiti people and other Nigerians that had used these roads for several months before he became governor have lost their senses and would take his claims hook, line and sinker?

“For the umpteenth time, we wish to advise Dr. Fayemi and his team to stop making false claims and face the reality of their failed government.”