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Diseases are not new to mankind. Since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden the human body has been subjected to ravages of one form of disease or the other. Many will see it as a miracle if they fail to experience one form of bodily discomfort or the other per month.

Many of these diseases have no permanent cure. They are only manageable thus most people are living under the yoke of diseases inside of them but looking beautiful and handsome outside.

According to Prince Dr. Idowu a traditional medical doctor who spoke to Daily Sun recently , diseases are the manifestation of our lack of good body care culture. 'At one point in our life, we have unconsciously and consciously neglected steps to take for our fitness. This omissions which repeat itself over the years usually turn out to be a big problem that we then face and battle with all the time later in life' he pointed out.

'Simple health routine is all wee require to flush out would- be serious health problems in our system. Not until they get to the doctor do most Nigerians realize the cost of their carelessness and medical ignorance' Idowu disclosed.

A top notch member of the Nigeria Traditional Medical Association (NTMA) and the residence doctor of Heritage Herbal Home Ventures Ltd. Trd. Dr. Idowu disclosed that 75% of all human diseases originated from the stomach, even commonest headache, these diseases are cause by infections of bacteria that lives in the body'.

'Over four thousand bacteria lives in the human stomach. These bacteria feed on fresh and digested particles of the food we eat and the water we drink. As they multiple , they form colonies and release their own waste into the human body. All living organisms releases wastes combine with their huge unwanted numbers and their waste, these bacteria, over the years become a burden to the digestive and anti acid mechanisms in the stomach this they are made to malfunction. The clogging of the intestine and stomach walls causes 'cracks and friction' in stomach digestive functions. Where wastes are not passed out as at when due, it could cause the breakdown of the body. It is like when a dam is full and the water engineer refuses to open the gate for the overflow to move out. Definitely, the land and properties around the dam suffer damages. Where it persists, it could cause the breakdown of the dam itself. This is the case with the body and its digestive system. It could breakdown and continue to malfunction for years. This is how the stomach 'originate' for the man over 75% of the diseases we experience daily.

Place of liquid
According to Dr. Idowu a specialist in body detoxification, it is lack of adequate care of the body that always put us into health traumas not only the quality of what we eat.

'I'm not saying we should eat anything anyhow, but whatever you choose to eat at anytime should be accompany with enough fluid to make for easy digestion, faster decomposition and smooth difecalim. Many people hardly take more than one or two cups of water per day. This they do only at meals. This does not make for healthy living. There is no other liquid drink be it mineral soft drinks of any sort that can take the place of water. Water is far superior in quality than other any other liquid drink. It is use to produce. Other liquid products have to go through digestion, water is a digestive agent by itself.

While I advocate the taking of liquid (mostly water) as frequently as possible, I want to call on people to learn to detoxify their body system the use of hydrogogues

Hydrogogues are herbal products capable of reducing all body wastes into liquid form any part of the body. They are then excreted as watery stool. They work mostly in the stomach. Hydrogogues draw out overused and dirty body fluid from the digestive system. They work to clean out stomach wall, the colon, lungs and kidney. They draw out waste materials and allow these vital body organs to perform their functions effectively.

Explaining further on how Hydrogogues work, Dr Idowu added that as you squeeze our orange juice, so also hydrogogues particles from the heas to the toes.

'I usually recommend hydrogogues as the first line of treatment for any ailment on patients.

Drugs and body water
Overused body fluid are sometimes powerful enough to disturb some drugs and injections from working effectively in the body. Once the body is detoxicated, any drugs thereby apply would platform very well. You might have heard of patients telling doctors that one drug or the other is not effective on them. If you check very well, you'll discover that it is the high level of overused water and body fluid that corrupted the drug in question.

Hydrogogues cleanse the stomach and intestine walls which are the gateway between our physical food and blood streams. Not only to do they remove the unwanted fluids, those bacteria's that have cling to intestine walls and are feeding on corrupted fluids are also wash away.

Equally, hydrogogues remove dead body cells so as not to cause the untimely death of those that are still functioning. As we experience wear and ware on the outside of the body so it is n the internal parts, Idowu added.

Farthing and smell
When you don't visit the toilet as you should, anytime you fart, it will smell.

Farthing is a natural discharge of used gas in the body. It is not supposed to be offensive in smell. However, where people refuse to cleanse their internal organs by the use of internal cleansing drugs or by drinking of adequate water, the smell of the solid waste that is already decomposing in their body come out with the neutral body gas and corrupt the air around when they fart.

Care and fitness
When you feed your body with the right medication and care, you will be very surprise how far and fast you can go physically, mentally and emotional. Every parts of the body, both internal and external will function to its optimum. It is like servicing your car, the more you take care of it, the better it serves you. Engine capacity not withstanding. This also goes for the body, age notwithstanding. When you take good care of yourself, your physical shape and functions shall belie your natural age thus giving you joy to live a fulfilling life.