What is A Mother?

By Shubhanyu Jain
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Is she the one who brings us into this world? Or is she the one who cares for us, feeds us, looks after us and loves us like no other? Many would get baffled at the perplexity and the apparent simplicity of this question.

To me, a mother is not just the one who brings us into this world. A mother who gives birth, and then leaves the child on the road to die; will you call her a mother? In contrast, a woman who has not given birth to that child (on the road) but takes her home and treats the child as if he were her own, is she not a mother? And, in fact, a better mother than the mother who originally gave birth to that child?

We celebrate Mothers' Day. Why? For we rejoice and acknowledge their contribution to the society and mankind as a whole. I bow to all mothers in this world. I celebrate the spirit of motherhood. The power God has placed in the hands of a woman is incredible - the power to reproduce, the power to give birth to life. Without which, mankind would cease to exist. Admit it, men. You are because of women. It is only a woman who can give birth, you only "help" So respect women.

The first teacher of a child is his mother alone. She is the one who inculcates the values the child lives with for his life. She is the one who takes the finger and teaches us to walk. She is the impersonation of God on this earth. Let us salute the mother in every woman.

Mother, we love you. For whoever you are, whatever you are.