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By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); [email protected];

My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, Do you know your today's culture or way of life in White America is not your culture but the White man's culture, which you have been programmed to accept, treat, and consider as your own?

Do you know Continental Afrikan Culture is the Culture of your Continental Afrikan Ancestors who were brought here into the White man's world in chains?

Are you aware of the fact that your early Afrikan Ancestors from whom you descend and without whom you will not be born today in the White man's world had and practiced in secret their Continental Afrikan culture in spite of the White man's efforts to destroy it?

When will you wake up from your 400 year-old slumber to realize that refusing to accept, love, honor, and practice your Authentic Afrikan Culture as did your early Afrikan Ancestors, even in chains, can only mean your suicide as Afrikans in your today's White Man's world you call USA or America ?

Your early Afrikan Ancestors, even in he belly of the White Man's crocodile, never turned their back at their Afrikan Culture because they know, without it, they will die or suffocate in the White man's culture that were being imposed on them without success.

Even though the White man did everything within his power to make your only Continental Afrikan Ancestors to forget, reject, and hate their Afrikan Culture, they always make sure they live constantly in tune to the limitless Power and the Benefits of their Authentic Continental Afrikan Culture as their Freedom and Protection from the poison of imposed alien cultures you now call your own .

This means, their Afrikan Culture served as their Inner Shield or Security against the invasion and contamination of their Afrikan Culture by the invading and conquering Western/White Culture on them and without it is to become dependent on, enslaved by and addicted to the White Man's Culture which you now call your own .

In tune to their Afrikan Culture within them, your Afrikan Ancestors know the White man's chains cannot rob them of their Afrikan Identity let alone destroy them.

This explains why, all over the world, all conscious Human groups on Earth have designed for themselves their own authentic and original cultures which are unique to them and which they use to unify, empower, liberate, develop, protect, and defend their rights their Cultural and Ancestral Identities and Ways of life in life and in the world as members of one cultural family.

That is why Jews practice not Chinese but Jewish culture no matter where they find themselves.

That is why Irish practice not Japanese but Irish culture in and outside USA.

The Anglo-Saxon also insist on their right to practice not Arab but Anglo-Saxon or British or English culture in and outside USA.

Likewise, Japanese practice Japanese culture, the Chinese practice Chinese culture, the Italians practice Italian culture, Arabs practice Arab culture no matter where they find themselves in the world.

All because each knows without their original Ancestral culture, they will become easy preys to others to feast on.

Hence, to the Italian American, American culture can only mean Italian or Western/White culture-based and oriented.

To the Irish American, American Culture can only mean Irish or Western/White culture-based and oriented.

To the Jewish American, American culture is first and foremost, Jewish or Western/White culture-based and oriented.

The same applies to the Arab American, the Latino or Hispanic American, the Chinese American or the Japanese American , all of whom know their American Culture begins and ends with their owner Ancestral based and oriented cultures without which they all know they will be zero in America or USA .

That is all the various Human Groups that constitute USA today will never exchange their various Ancestral Cultures or identities or ways of life with any body else.

But when it comes to you my Continental Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, you have gladly allowed the White man to turn you into the only Human group on Earth without its own original Afrikan Ancestral Culture which once linked you to the limitless Power, Protection, Guidance, Pride and Dignity of your Continental Afrikan Ancestors.

400 years of aggressive, thorough and persistent programming and enslavement of your original Continental Afrikan Identity, Culture and Mind in White America have resulted into your wholesale acceptance of the White man's lie that culture is culture for you only when it is Western/White-based and oriented.

As far as the White man is concerned, his Western-based and oriented culture is the world's best culture of all cultures for you to accept, love, protect, defend and practice for life even if he and you know it is a lie.

That is why you are so obsessed with everything White/Western culture and will do everything within your power to prefer it to the Heaven of your Continental Afrikan Culture from which you have been uprooted and ignorant of.

By believing the White man's lie that his Western/White/USA/American culture is better than your African Culture to which you must be totally become dead , you now consider it progress and change to avoid, reject, forget and hate your Afrikan Culture without the least knowledge of the grave you have been digging for yourself by gladly accepting and practicing all other cultures on Earth except your own Afrikan Culture which remains a taboo for you to touch, think of or talk about or promote and benefit from .

And because you do not know and refuse to know that the Afrikan Culture you turn your back at in the White man's world is also the world's first and oldest Culture on Earth and the Mother of today's world cultures which include the very Western/White cultures you have become addicted to.

And while the White man in and outside USA will never, under any circumstances, exchange his Western/White American culture with any other cultures on Earth including your Afrikan Culture, he leaves no stones unturned in his persistent efforts to get you to accept, believe, trust, respect, adore, honor and prefer his culture to your Afrikan Culture you are programmed to reject, hate, look down upon and dismiss as “barbaric”, stone age, obsolete, inferior, anti-change and anti-modernization.

And instead, you are encouraged, applauded and rewarded for becoming more and more pro-White/Western culture and more and more anti-Afrikan Culture.

This explains why your today's culture is no more your Afrikan Culture to have and practice in USA and Europe but American culture which is nothing more than a Western/White American-based and controlled culture.

In your blindness and obsession to please the white man at all cost, your Western/White/slave Eyes or Perspectives cannot allow you to see you have turned yourself into the only Human group in America/USA whose American culture is not rooted in or based on the culture of your Continental Afrikan Ancestors as all other American/USA cultural/racial groups have done for themselves in USA.

But when you can no longer accept the more and more glaring lie that your today's culture is not Afrikan Culture based and oriented but Western Culture based and oriented, you now say your culture is not only American or White but also African because your culture is African American culture.

But here too as you know but will not admit it, your African American culture is not your culture because there is nothing like “African” and “American” at the same time because “African and American” are two poles apart, hence you cannot have or be the two at the same time.

You can only have and practise at one time, Afrikan-based and oriented Culture or Western-based and oriented Culture and not both at the same time. .

Just as the Elephant cannot be both Elephant and a Lion at the same time and vice-versa, in the same your present claim that you can be and practise both Afrikan and American Cultures at the same time is to fool nobody but yourself.

In the same way, when you talk of your culture being Black or Black American or African American instead of just being Afrikan from head to toe in USA and Europe or Europe, you end up having a Black culture which is likened to the color of the devil, evil or the negative and Anti-Afrikan Culture .

If anything, your Black culture can only take you farther and farther away from the original Afrikan culture you lost to your today's Western/White American based and oriented culture.

Likewise, your Black American culture is no culture because there is no land or place anywhere on Earth called Black American land for your Black American culture to be based and rooted on.

Also, when you declare your culture to be a Negro culture, you deceive nobody but yourself because, here too, there is no Negro land or place anywhere on Earth for you to own and grow your Negro culture on.

This means, whether you call, treat or refer to your culture as American culture, African American culture, Black culture, Black American culture or simply as a Negro culture, the fact still remains that none of them is your culture but slave/Western/White American based, oriented and controlled culture that exists purposely to keep you forever ignorant of your true Afrikan Culture fragmented, dependent, dominated, controlled, exploited, and abused and used by the White man.

Just as the fish way of life is not the same as the bird's way of life and vice versa, preferring Western/White culture to your Afrikan Culture is like having an Elephant preferring a lion way of life instead of his own Elephant way of life which no Elephant or Lion will do because they are intelligent enough to know that it can only mean suicide for them if they try to be who and what they are not in life.

Hence, only your urgent recovery, learning, mastery and daily use of your forgotten Continental Afrikan Culture can make you whole and complete again.

Simply because, your Afrikan Culture is the only culture that can link and keep you forever protected and guided by the limitless power of your glorious Continental Afrikan , Divine, Ancestral AfrikaSpirit-based Source and Foundation for life in love, justice, equality, prosperity and happiness for all.

Also, it is only your Afrikan Culture which can teach you the Ancient Afrikan Technology, Science and Art of living Continentally as a true Afrikacentric Afrikan in Thoughts, Words and Deeds .

Hence, only your total acceptance, love, respect, faith, belief, and trust in your glorious and positive Continental Afrikan Culture can save you from the hell of preferring alien/slave cultures to your own Continental Afrikan Culture.

To have it is to have life in total abundance and freedom , prosperity , pride and dignity for all .

But to lose your Afrikan Culture is to lose who you are as Afrikan in the White Man's world as well as turn yourself into who and what you are not in life .

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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