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By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); [email protected];

My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in white USA/America, when will you wake up to the painful truth you have been dodging all your life in white America that the American or USA identity which you boast of so much today is not and can never be your identity but a Western/White-created, Western/White-based and Western/White-oriented identity built with your tears, sweat and blood to promote and defend not your AfrikaCause, interests and needs but Western/White cause, interests and needs on Earth.

When will you dare open your deliberately and constantly closed Afrikan eyes to see the glaring Afrikacentric Truth you fear so much that, no matter how hard and long you try to claim, and proclaim USA/American identity as your own, you can never own it let alone control it for your benefit!

When, oh when, you my African brothers and sisters in USA and Europe know, once and for all, that the American/USA identity you have become dependent on, enslaved by and addicted to is nothing more than the air of illusionary identity in your hand which you can never hold, keep or have in your hands no matter how hard and how long you try to claim it as your identity.

Shocking though this Afrikacentric Truth might be to you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in America, I cannot help it but open your eyes, liberate your minds, empower/enrich your lives and wake you up with the painful truth that today's USA/American you adore so much is not your identity but your slave identity that comes in different forms kept alive by the White Man to keep you perpetually ignorant of and uprooted from the knowledge, Power and Benefit of your AfrikaIdentity .

And unless you are Western/White people, which, you are not and can never be no matter your obsession to be White/Western, your today's White American identity you are so proud of is not and can never be yours no matter what they tell you

That is why all the various human groups that make up what we call USA today in exception of you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA and Europe have kept their various ethnic/original/native/ancestral identities in USA and Europe because all except you know without their Ancestral Heritage or Root or Identity in USA, they are nothing .

This explains why up until today, the American identity of an Italian American is basically Italian-based which he will not exchange for anything else .

The American identity for the Anglo-Saxon American is basically Anglo-Saxon-based and oriented , no matter what .

The American identity for the Irish American is basically Irish-based and which does not make him a lesser American .

The American Identity for the Jewish American is basically Jewish-based, oriented and centered in thoughts, words and deeds and they are proud of that .

The American identity for the Chinese American is basically, Chinese-based and will never exchange that with anything else in the world .

The American identity for the Japanese American is basically Japanese-based.

The American identity for the Latino/Hispanic American is also basically Hispanic/Latino-based.

The America identity for the Arab American is also basically, Arab-based.

No matter how much they love and adore their American identity, all the various Human identities that constitute what we call today American/USA, know that they will be zero without the foundation and base of their ancestral identities which they all cherish so much with pride and will do anything to preserve it for their benefit.

But when it comes to you my Afrikan brothers and sisters in America, you gladly and zealously turn yourselves into the only human group on Earth whose American identity is not your AfrikaIdentity based, AfrikaIdentity oriented and AfrikaIdentity directed and controlled in USA and Europe .

While all other human groups in USA and Europe know or are willing to know that nothing can replace their individual identities of their ancestors in USA, you, my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, allow others to fool you into believing and accepting their 300 year old lies to you that American identity is all you need to fight and die for to become accepted, recognized, and treated as a human being in USA.

And yet your first and second generation Afrikan ancestors in the White man's world never fought and died for the White man's identity but their own Continental AfrikaIdentity even in chains.

That is why they had to keep them in chains as the only way to dominate, control, exploit, de-Afrikanize, Westernize and Foreignize them .

But they were able to overcome their hellish condition in white America because they were able to recognize, accept, love, adore, and live daily in tune to the limitless power, pride, and dignity of their AfrikaIdentity which the genocide of Arab and Western slave trade could not deprive them of no matter how hard they try to rob them of their AfrikaIdentity in the White man's world.

Even in chains, they know the White man's identity is not and can never be their identity. To think otherwise, can only for them be their suicide in White America.

In other words, American identity as a Western/White identity is good and excellent for all the various Western/White/USA groups that constitute today's USA/American identity because it exists first and foremost to promote, defend and satisfy their Western/White cause, needs and interests in USA and Europe and the world.

But to you the non-White groups like the Afrikan and Native American groups in White America, American identity is nothing but genocide or death of your Afrikan and Native American Identity , Culture and Ways of Life in USA.

First of all, because it exists at the expense of your Afrikan and Native American identities.

Without your Native American and Afrikan Identities which supplied American identity with all the 300 year old tears, sweat and blood it needs to become master and the supreme Western controller and chief beneficiary of the land and its riches which do not belong to it in the first place.

Secondly, American identity has destroyed more than three quarters of Native American leaders and people for opposing their conquest of their native land and resources.

As far as the Anglo-Saxon or Western/White conquerors of Native Indian land are concerned, a strong , proud and independent Native American Nation, People, Culture and Power are a threat to the supremacy of white identity, culture, power and ways of life .

Hence, the brutality and the intensity on the part of American/USA/White/Western identity in crushing and reducing to zero , the hitherto fiercely independent, strong, proud, self-reliant , self-sufficient and independent Native American Identity, Culture, People for daring to fight for their right to their Ancestral Native American Land and Riches that were being taken over by White Identity and Power for their benefit and the loss of the Native American Identity and Power .

This explains why today what we have of Native Indian identity is nothing but a shadow of their past glory .

That is why, ninety-nine percent of them see nothing wrong in embracing and kissing as their own identity the very Western/White American identity that wiped off three quarters of their people from the sacred land of their ancestors.

In the same way, you my Continental Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA and Europe must know that the very same American/White/Western identity you now desperately try to claim as your own is the same identity that robs you of all knowledge and power of your Native/Original AfrikaIdentity that brought you here and kept you alive until today.

The same white American identity you think you cannot do without is the same identity that is responsible of robbing you and uprooting you from the security, peace, freedom, and dignity of your sacred Continental AfrikaHomeland.

Without White/Western/American identity coming to Afrikan with guns and poisoned gifts to force you out of your natural habitat, you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, you could never have become enslaved, colonized, dominated, influenced, controlled, exploited, and abused in White America.

This means, White/Western American identity to you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, is nothing but death of not less than one hundred million Continental Afrikans your Mother Continental Afrika lost to the Genocide of Western/White/Arab Slave trades and identities against your AfrikaRace or People.

White American identity that you proudly dine and drink with is the same identity that considers itself superior to your AfrikaIdentity which it never accepts as human or as its equal.

How then can you continue honoring White American identity that dismisses and looks down upon you and your AfrikaIdentity as inferior, barbaric, obsolete, and non-human?

How then can you continue to pretend that American identity is not Western/White based and controlled identity that exists and flourished on the corpse of your AfrikaIdentity you have been kept ignorant of ?

But whether you like it or not, the time has come for you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA and Europe for you to know once and for all that only your urgent recovery and daily practice and enjoyment of your forgotten AfrikaIdentity can save you from the colonialism of your today's white American identity.

All because, the world's first and oldest identity on Earth is not your today's White American or American Identity to which you have become dependent on, enslaved by and addicted

Once you know and accept the Truth that your AfrikaIdentity is the mother of all of today's world human identities including the very Western/White American identity you have become addicted to, you will have no problem reclaiming, honoring , living and enjoying daily the Totality of your Glorious and Authentic AfrikaIdentity for your benefit and as your freedom from the hell of preferring the White Man's Identity to your Own AfrikaIdentity .

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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