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Our today's Foreignized, Westernized, Arabanized or Islamized or Christianized African Woman is in deep trouble.

Slavery/ colonialism is fast transforming our Ancient/pre-slavery/pre-colonial traditional Continental Afrikan Woman who was once revered and worshipped all over the Ancient world as the Mother of Humanity and Mother Goddess and which our today's Foreign educated and trained African Women have no idea of let alone act like it .

Instead, the more Foreign education and training they have, the more pro-Foreign they become in Thoughts, Words and Deeds and the less and less Afrikan they are .

Instead of using whatever they get from outside to make themselves better and better , stronger and stronger, richer and richer and happier and happier “ modern, educated, successful Afrikan Women, Ladies and Leaders , they are busy turning themselves into the perfect PHOTOCOPIES OF THE WHITE WOMAN, THE ARAB WOMEN OR THE JEWISH Woman whom they have been programmed to hail as better, more civilized, more developed and richer than them .

Hence all over our today's Continental AfrikaWorld we see the general tendency of 99% Foreign educated Afrikan ladies to think, act , talk, dress, eat, Foreign instead of as Afrikan Ladies and to be more and more pro-Foreign in Thoughts, Words and Deeds and less and less Afrikan in Thoughts, Worlds and Deeds .

For example, in our capitals and cities of "modern" Continental Afrika, most of our "eudcated" women have been programmed by their Foreign Style education and Training into thinking, believing and accepting the colonial lie that there is something wrong in being authentic traditional Continental Afrikan Woman in Thoughts, Words and Deeds .

Hence, most of them will consider, treat and look down upon the 70% of our Authentic and Traditional Afrikan Women as “ illiterate”, “ ignorant “ "peasant," "uncouth," "uncultivated," "backward," "uncivilized, “ not because it is true but simply because they cannot speak any of the Slave/Colonial Languages of English, French, Arabic they think speaking them will make them civilized and better than those who cannot speak them .

As far as their white/foreign colonial mistresses are concerned, "white" lady is the only lady worth imitating or worth becoming.

The image of “ modern “ Afrikan Ladies speaking not Foreign Languages to each other but Continental and National Afrikan languages is to them impossible to work for let alone have and enjoy and benefit from as other Ladies elsewhere do .

Hence, things "white" are considered positive, superior and better and treated with respect and pride . Things Afrikan are considered archaic for them to waste their time on

And instead, so some of our "educated" ladies have learned so well their lessons that they will do everything within their power to become "white"/Western style ladies rather than Afrikan ladies in Thoughts, Words and Deeds .

To achieve this colonial uprootedness goals, some will prefer to speak Foreign languages to their kids at home rather than their Afrikan languages.

As far as they are concerned, foreign languages are the only language of class, promotion, civilization and power that are worth learning and mastering by themselves and their children .

To them, our various Afrikan Languages are not languages but "tribal," "backward" and anti-modernization, anti-development they will proudly proclaim to the delight and satisfaction of their Foreign Creators and Masters.

Not only that, to become "educated" ladies means they must think Foreign and not Afrikan .

It also means, dressing Foreign rather than Afrikan.

It means eating in Foreign restaurants in Foreign ways rather than cooking and eating together from the same plate with their Fingers , Authentic Afrikan Food at home.

As photocopies of the White Woman, the Arab Woman and the Jewish Woman, they must bear Foreign Names instead of Afrikan Names. They must give their Children not Afrikan but Western, Arab and Jewish Names . They dress Foreign instead of Afrikan . They must turn their Afrikan Hair styles into Foreign Hair styles . Some will even go as far as Bleaching their Skin to resemble that of the White Woman's Skin.

Like their model "white" women they aspire to become in Thoughts, Words and Deeds, they are programmed into believing, thinking and accepting the colonial lie that they can do without men .

All they need to be whole, free, and happy in life, they are told in their LIE-BASED EDUCATION, is to go to be educated and trained the Foreign and not the AfrikaWay and have a career with fat salaries and with bigger and bigger houses, cars, dine in Foreign Restaurants etc and everything will be alright.

Hence, in our "modern" Continental Afrika of today, we begin to witness more and more and more of our Foreignized ladies postponing marriages and having children in favor of their Career .

To most of them, marriage is a a waste of time that they don't need to interfere with their right to any career they want . And the few that dare marry while pursuing their Career discover that , managing a home is a full time job for which there is no pay .

So, Divorce that is still unknown in most of our traditional Afrikan Societies, is now their cup of tea with the Divorce rate getting higher and higher while the Marriage Rate plunges deeper and deeper into the abyss of more and more of our 'educated” without husbands and children they consider a great obstacle to their success in life .

So, Marriage that is considered the most sacred of all human inventions in Traditional Afrika is now a thing to play with in our cities and capitals.

Having and looking after children considered the highest and most sacred callings for our women in Traditional Afrika is now considered a waste of time.

In their desire to make it to the top of the material ladder, most of our "educated" women are fast avoiding marriage or having children which they see as a burden rather than a blessing.

Like their "white" lady models, these "modern" ladies in Continental Afrika see motherhood as imprisonment and denial of their "human" rights.

So in the name of their Foreign education and Foreign Training, Foreign Feminist Rights and Foreign Life Styles , they start to consider their men as rivals, enemies, oppressors, racists, sexists and anti-feminists and from whom they seek emancipation .

They call for total emancipation from the tyranny and oppression of Afrikan men which is nothing but the Foreign plot to divide and conquer the Afrikan Man and Woman for their easy domination and control .

And the more they are taught to treat their men as enemies/ oppressors rather than partners, the more apart they will become from the very men they are supposed to complement.

And in this way, Foreign feminist ideas and Woman rights ensure the perpetual fight between "modern" Afrikan ladies and their men which in turn is designed to divide, weaken and destroy our Ancient/Traditional Afrikan Family which they don't even know it is the world's First Human Family on Earth and Mother of all today's Families in the world .

Consequently, today's tendency on the part of more and more Foreign Style educated and trained African women in our today's Afrika to become more and more Foreign and pro-Foreign in the way they think, act, talk , dress, eat and solve problems and to be less and less Afrikan in what they do, say or think can only lead to more and more confusion, alienation , among them.

The strong unity and harmony that once bound Continental Afrikan women and their men for 3 million years is now being replaced by short lived, artificial and "white" concept of man-and-woman relation characterized by perpetual/constant distrust, dishonesty, competition, rivalry, lies, cheating, secrecy, imbalance, and all kinds of abnormalities.

For the first time in our three million old Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan History, we begin to see all kinds of imported Foreign abnormalities such as "emancipated" women in Continental Afrika who see nothing wrong in calling themselves single "parents."

Or women who do not want to be mothers. Or mothers who are afraid to have more kids, or who consider having children as a mean, inferior and slave jobs on earth.

Or women who want to be men in thoughts, words and deeds . Or women who see cooking for their husbands and children they love as a mean job or slavery but see nothing wrong in becoming slaves to their "white" made careers and bosses for whom they will do anything to please to keep their jobs, degrees, fat salaries, promotions etc.

Or women without the joy and pride of husbands or kids to complement and adorn their lives, but who go about boasting that they do not need kids or husbands to be whole or women.

And yet deep down in their lonely hearts, they vainly sigh and long for someone to love and keep them companion which none of their material successes, fame and glory can bring them or replace.

So they spend the rest of their lonely and miserable lives pretending to be happy outside but their inside is pure hell.

That is why most "educated" women in Continental Afrika today think they can be successful without husbands and kids.

Most of them pay a high price in human terms to become the success their "white" women define for them.

In fact, like their "white" women elsewhere, they begin to see marriage, husbands and kids as obstacles to their "success" in life.

This is designed to bring them confusion and suffering because success in life from Continental Afrikan point of view is not success from Foreign point of view.

Colonialism has taught them "success" means the acquisition of money, material things, etc.

And the more they have them the more successful they will become.

Hence, more and more "liberated" Afrikan ladies are beginning to spend all their time, energy and expertise on chasing external/material things.

They postpone having a family, husbands, and kids, to acquire the things of this world.

But the more they chase the things, the more they lose their loved ones.

The more they devote their time to becoming "white" ladies, the less time they have in enjoying what they have.

And the more things they have the more afraid they become of losing them.

In their desire to have, keep or increase their external possessions at all cost and by any means, they become selfish, dishonest, ruthless, egocentric, etc. in one way or the other.

Some end up with no husbands.
Those with husbands end up with "ghost" husbands.
Those with real husbands end up with houses with no homes or empty cemeteries or childless houses or empty houses where there are no babies or single babies at best .

Those with children end up in having no time, no energy, no expertise left to raise, advise, train, reward, punish their kids.

Some of our "modern" women too limit themselves to a life of pleasure of sex without children or few children.

As far as they are concerned, children rob them of their freedom and their rights to have and enjoy all the material things they can grab in life.

Some do not even have time to have sex, no time to cook, no time to eat, no time to have or raise kids, no time to enjoy their material possessions, no time to care, no time to love, no time to share and receive etc.

All their lives become an endless pursuit of this or that through which they end up guaranteeing themselves all kinds of emotional, psychological, spiritual illnesses due to excessive or constant stress, anxiety, worry or fear for this or that .

For the first time in the history of the Continental Afrikan woman, most of our "modern" women are now attracting to themselves all kinds of "white" Woman sicknesses of living constantly under pressure or living alone , lonely which open them up for all kinds of other problems like rape, abuses, exploitation at the work place which has now become their homes, the pressure to be a Super Woman capable of being a career woman, a mother, a wife, a home maker or home manager which leads to further chaos and disappointment in their more and more empty Western Woman style emancipated lives .

In the name of modernity, some of our Afrikan women are being transformed into mere political, economic, business, financial, social, religious, intellectual photocopies, counterfeits, parrots and puppets of the "white" women.

They define women by "white" definition that says men and women are separate rather than one. They want to have their hair look like the "white" Woman hair. They want to dress like the "white" woman. They want to think, live, act and behave like the "white" woman. They want to speak, eat, drink, smoke, and

even have sex in the "white" Woman way.

All because most if not all our "modern" ladies in Continental Afrika today think and believe they will be nothing without their "white"/Western education, degrees, jobs, salaries and today's amenities of life.

They believe in the colonial lie and brainwashing that everything "white" is superior for Afrikans to crave for , have and enjoy at all cost and everything Afrikan is inferior, barbaric, anti-modern, archaic, obsolete for Afrikans to reject, look down on and free themselves from , no matter what .

So to them, being a "lady," "educated," "civilized," "modern" and "developed" is to become less and less Afrikan lady and more and more Foreign Style or based lady in Thoughts, Words and Deeds .

But the more they do so, the more frustrated they become inside while outside the act as if they are on top of their Material Mountain of success .

This is so because the Afrikan Lady or Woman , educated the AfrikaWay and not the Foreign Ways is a proud and dignified Afrikan Woman from Head to Toe and will never try to replace her Afrikaness with any of Foreign identities or cultures or ways of life .

So sooner or later, our Foreignized Afrikan Woman gets the bitter lesson or Truth that no matter how hard she tries to turn herself into the photocopy of the White Woman or the Arab Woman or the Jewish Woman, she can never be them and vice-versa .

Just as no Lioness will try to turn herself into an Elephant lady or Rhino Lady or Hippo Lady and vice versa because she knows it is STUPID to do so, in the same way , our Foreignized Afrikan Woman shall soon discover that Afrikan Woman is Afrikan Woman and cannot, must not and should not be equated or compared with Foreign woman.

Simply because the two are not the same and cannot be the same. None is superior or inferior to each other. They are simply different and must be respected as such.

That is why any or all the above efforts on the part of our uprooted, Westernized, Assimilated , Integrated, Arabanized, Christianized, Islamized African women in our "modern" cities and capitals in Continental Afrika can only bring them shallow, artificial and alien lives of frustration, deception, illusion, mirage, heart-attacks, divorce, barrenness, emptiness, restlessness, loneliness, etc. which were unknown to our pre-slavery and pre-colonial Continental Afrikan Women who know to live as Afrikan in their Afrikan Environment and the AfrikaWay is to live in peace, harmony with themselves and others.

That is why the desire of our Foreign educated , emancipated or liberated African Woman to be "white" ladies in thoughts , words and deeds can only make them uprooted, outcast, isolated, lonely, shun upon or avoided in her alien ways of life and being.

Because they end up not being "white" or " African" ladies. They end up being rejected by their authentic traditional Afrikan ladies and sisters as well as by the "white" lady role models they try vainly to imitate and become .

They cannot relate to their Traditional Afrikan ladies they tend to look down upon for their refusal to be "white" but Afrikan, no matter what .

They envy, hate and love at the same time the "white" ladies they consider too "high" and too "far away" to be, catch or excel/beat. That means, sooner or later, all our Today's Continental Afrikan Ladies or Women will learn to know they are Afrikan from head to toe and to be proud to live, think, act and behave not Foreign but Afrikan no matter how many Foreign degrees or jobs or fat salaries or big houses or big cars they might have .

In other words, the growing crisis facing most "modern" ladies in Continental Afrika today is essentially due to their tendency to prefer Foreign way of living to Continental AFRIKAWAY of living and being.

Their rejection of 3 million year old Ancient pre-colonial and pre-slavery Continental Afrikan Science and the Art of being Continental Afrikan Woman can only bring them doom.

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