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However, when we come to the Diaspora Afrika, we also notice Diaspora Afrikans there, like some of their brothers and sisters in today's Continental Afrika, have also become the most fragmented people on earth.

This division is seen in the way the "white" establishment keeps their leaders divided.

Here in USA for example, the pro status quo leaders are readily accepted, recognized and rewarded as leaders, the few brave anti-status quo leaders are carefully isolated, disgraced or persecuted, imprisoned or killed if they do not do what the "white" masters expect of them.

And everything is done to keep them from working together for the interests of their Diaspora Afrikan people in USA, the pro-status quo and the anti-status quo leaders of the Diaspora Afrikan world.

This explains the eternal fights between the Garveys and the DuBois, the Malcolm Xs and the Luther Kings , the Louis Farrakhans and Jesse Jacksons of the Diaspora Afrikan world .

And the more the Diaspora Afrikan leadership is divided, the more powerless and dependent they become on their White world and Leadership .

And in this way, their White Creators and Controllers succeed in dominating, Westernizing, Integrating , Assimilating or de-Afrikanizing them and turning them into their invisible Perfect PHOTOCOPIES which they demand, claim and brag about as their Rights to have and enjoy in their White controlled world in USA .

Besides, leadership apart, our today's 99% Westernized Diaspora Afrikan elite is also torn between "white" created and "white" controlled parties that exist to promote "white" interests in USA.

And the more busy they become in promoting their "white" parties the more they forget to work together to create, develop and promote their own Afrikan Party, Afrikan State, systems, institutions, policies and values to protect and promote their collective Afrikan Oneness, Identity, Interests, Causes and Needs in interests in USA about which they know little or nothing of to have let alone enjoy as other Human Groups in USA do for their collective Good in USA .

In addition, there are some religious leaders and congregation members who will not talk or have anything to do with each other simply because they are Baptists while others are non-Baptists.

Very often, religious leaders become so protective and jealous of their flock that they hate anybody who tries to fish in their territorial waters.

And the more Diaspora Afrikans and their leaders are busy fighting or hating each other in the name of foreign/alien religions, the more divided, dependent and powerless they become in creating their own Afrikan Religion to promote their AfrikaOneness as Reborn and Awakened Afrikans in USA in the same way the Foreign world uses Christianity to promote their Foreign ways of life or the Arabs use Islam to promote the Arab culture in the world.

There is also a lot of division among Diaspora Afrikans in USA who call themselves Moslems, Nation of Islam, Black Jews, Black Hebrews, etc. who will laugh when told they are all One Afrikan People in USA

The confusion created by their division first among themselves and between themselves on is pathetic and tragic to say the least.

The 400 years of programming and planting of lies upon lies in their minds have succeeded in keeping Diaspora Afrikans so widely apart from each other that any attempts to bring all of them together under one political, economic and social umbrella or Front is like expecting milk from a stone.

Added to the above division or lack of oneness among Diaspora Afrikans in USA, we have the division between the Diaspora Afrikans in the North of USA and their sisters and brother in the South.

The "Northerners" consider themselves as more smart, more successful and more Westernized than the "Southerners."

They look down upon the "Southerners" and tend to laugh at their "peasant" accents and : “ country” ways of doing things.

Southerners, on the other hand, consider the Northerners pompous, arrogant, and too Western.

In this way, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to bring both the Northerners and the Southerners together to create their own Afrikan Nation-state on their own Afrikan land, systems, institutions, policies and values that will ensure their unity and oneness as one Afrikan people in USA, Europe, South America, etc.

Instead, all their time, energy, resources are diverted from keeping together and strengthening "white" or Foreign style nation-state, systems, institutions, policies and values that exist purposely to keep them divided, dependent, powerless and needy in the midst of so much material abundance.

Besides, we also have the division between the many Foreign trained and Foreign promoted "scholars" and "elite" of the Diaspora world and the brave few who call themselves Afro-centric scholars.

While the Afro-centric scholars accuse the Eurocentric scholars of betrayal and a sell-out to the "white" scholarship, the Eurocentric call the Afro-centric scholars/ leaders hypocrites, half-baked scholars, and confused propagandists.

In this way, it becomes difficult to bring all Diaspora Afrikan scholars, Eurocentric and the Afro-centric ones together to discuss and find solutions to the growing crisis facing their people in USA.

Instead, there are as many solutions to the Diaspora Afrikan crisis in USA as there are groups, clubs, organizations

And the more their solutions are fragmented along their pro-status quo and powerless mushroom organizations, clubs, churches etc. the more they fail to solve in the AFRIKAWAY or Nationally all the major problems destroying the Bulk of their Diaspora Afrikan People in USA which they have left to their Foreign Power Elite to solve for them which means solving their symptoms of their crisis and leaving intact the root causes of their Crisis .

That apart, we also have the big division between the rich and the poor of the Diaspora l Afrikan world.

Most of the very few Diaspora Afrikan millionaires live far away and apart from their majority brothers and sisters in the ghettoes.

Apart from occasional public donations/ philanthropy done on the televisions for mostly publicity purposes , 99% of their yearly Half a Trillion U.S. dollar Annual Income which 40 Million Diaspora Afrikans in USA generate yearly in USA are spent for the prosperity and benefits of the "white" business establishments rather than Diaspora for the benefit of their Afrikan businesses.

With the result that, only the few get richer and richer while the poor of the Diaspora l Afrikan world continue to get poorer and poorer.

And instead of using their Half of a Trillion Dollar that they generate yearly (which even a Whole Continent of Afrika of One Billion People cannot generate because of their imprisonment in Foreign boundaries, states without nations etc ) to empower themselves AFRIKACENTRICALLY AND TO FREE THEMSELVES FROM THEIR PRESENT INVISIBLE POLITICAL, ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL HELL OF DE-AFRIKANIZATION, WESTERNIZATION, etc as well as create Billion dollar Companies and Jobs which will develop and enrich all their Diaspora Afrikan communities and People as the "white" money lords do for their "white" world, most if not all of the few Diaspora Afrikan money people become worshippers of their money rather than users of their money for the benefits of their communities from which they spring and without which they cannot be what they are today.

This explains why in spite of the yearly Half a Trillion Dollar Diaspora Afrikans make every year in USA, "Black" colleges and universities still have to rely heavily on "white" donations to survive.

In spite of all the money they have, there is no money to establish one powerful gigantic Diaspora Afrikan television and radio station to defend and promote their collective Afrikan points of views and interests in USA.

In spite of their yearly Half a Trillion Dollar income, Diaspora Afrikans in USA still lack the money to transform their people's ghettoes into residential areas that they can all live and prosper in and be proud of .

In spite of their yearly Half a Trillion Dollar power in USA, Diaspora Afrikan world is yet to acquire, own and develop its own collective Afrikan Land upon which they can build their own Afrikan Nation, systems, institutions, etc. to promote their oneness and prosperity as Afrikans in USA.

It is alright to have China town all over USA. It is normal to have Little Italy doing so well all over the USA without any accusation of separatism .

But let Diaspora Afrikans proclaim Atlanta State for example where they are people the most as an “African American or Black” State , Republic or Nation to serve their Afrikan American Needs that their White Controlled USA has been ignoring for years , they will be accused of the crime of treason called separatism and their leaders will be hunted down for rocking the USA Boat .

And yet nobody raises hell for the Anglo-White Power domination and control of the USA and its Wealth with the Blood, Tears and Sweat of Afrikan Slaves in USA for more than 400 years .

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