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Repentant militants from the Niger Delta region have vowed to stake their lives to ensure that President Goodluck Jonathan is not removed from office by those they called frustrated politicians, before expiration of his tenure in 2015.

The former warlords said in a statement that the plot to chase Jonathan out of office under the guise of fuel subsidy removal protests was a well-calculated agenda to truncate the President's tenure.

Former Niger Delta militant leaders are meeting in Port Harcourt to assess the mass protest across the country over removal of fuel subsidy. Chairman of the forum, General (Pastor) Reuben Wilson, said on Friday that those plotting removal of the President would fail. He said leaders of the various militant groups decided to mobilise for what he termed the great battle ahead, and they were ready to sink or swim with the President.

The President, according to Wilson, was on a mission to salvage the country by deciding to put an end to fuel subsidy in the country and undertake full deregulation of the petroleum sector. He said most of those mobilizing youths to the streets to protest the decision were already making their agenda known, one of which is to actualize the impeachment of the President.

'Of recent, we were made to understand that the minority in Nigeria cannot rule over the majority. Based on that, President Jonathan went through the valley of death to becoming Acting President and then President after the demise of the late Umaru Yar'Adua. We have not forgotten where these votes came from.

'We have also not forgotten that this same cabal made a pronouncement that if Jonathan wins, Nigeria would be made ungovernable during his tenure. This cabal has since been waiting in ambush to foment crisis,' they said.