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By (c) 2012 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); [email protected];

Likewise, the loss of the Continental AfrikaMind/Mentality in the Diaspora Continental Afrika is as critical and tragic as it is in Continental Afrika.

But unlike Continental Afrika, the 400 years of persistent and intensive Westernization/Foreignization/Assimilation/Integration we call the invisible Politics of DE-AFRIKANIZATION OR TURNING AFRIKANS IN DIASPORA INTO A NON-AFRIKAN, SELF-IGNORANT AFRIKAN OR PRO-FOREIGN AND ANTI-AFRIKAN AFRIKAN , the Continental AfrikaMind/Mentality in USA in particular and the rest of the Diaspora Afrikan world has become so thorough and so complete that not less than 98% of Diaspora Afrikans in USA or elsewhere have their Continental AfrikaMind/Mentality s under effective "White" control.

In other words, the job of transforming, replacing, displacing the Continental AFRIKAWAY of thinking into Western, Arab or Jewish or Foreign ways of thinking is so successful that the majority of Diaspora Afrikans in USA are not even aware that their Afrikan Mind has been completely taken over by others.

After 400 years of constant and invisible and thorough systematic brainwashing and mental conditionings and programming, thinking "White" or Foreign and Anti-Afrikan by 99% of our today's Diaspora Afrikans have been become the "normal" way of thinking and to which they have become so addicted, enslaved by and totally dependent on without their least knowledge of the graves they have been digging for themselves by consciously or unconsciously replacing the Heaven of their Continental AfrikaMind or Thinking Afrikan with the Hell of thinking Foreign or Anti-Afrikan.

This explains why the majority of Diaspora Afrikans consciously or unconsciously think like their "White" masters in order to be accepted, praised and rewarded by them.

Because most if not all Diaspora Afrikans prefer their "White" worlds to their Continental AfrikaWorld which they will not replace with anything else no matter how much hell they catch daily in their White-dominated and controlled worlds they call their homes

As such , many believe the "White" ways of doing things are far better than Continental Afrikan ways of doing things.

Only a few, very few of them will see let alone condemn their desire, love and zeal at learning to think "White “ at the expense thinking Afrikan .

As far as these Eurocentric, Arab-centric, Jewish-centric or Foreign-centric Africans spelt with a C , it is an honour, a promotion and a sign of success for them to think "White." They look down upon any Diaspora Afrikan Leader or Scholar or Student or members of the public who dare draw their attention to the harm they are doing to themselves or who dare prefer Continental Afrikan-centricity to Euro-centricity.

In Continental Afrika, those who have traded their Continental AfrikaMind with European minds are called Africans with a C and colonial mentality.

In the Diaspora , especially in USA, they are known as Diaspora Africans with slave mentality.

In this way, to have either colonial/slave mentality is to become a traitor to oneself as a Continental Afrikan and to the Continental Afrikan cause.

All because, it is only living in a fool's paradise for any Continental/Diaspora Afrikan to think that he/she can really think "White."

Just as it is impossible for a Westerner to think Japanese or Chinese or vice-versa, so it is impossible if not suicidal for our today's Euro-centric, Arab-centric , Jewish-centric or Foreign-centric Continental/Diaspora Afrikans to believe in the White Man lies that thinking "White" means progress and thinking Continental Afrikan is impossible or utopian or a waste of time and a loss to them .

In fact, if our slave/colonial masters have taken so much time and efforts in robbing us of our Continental AfrikaMind , it is to guarantee themselves The Power and privilege of controlling our minds and lives from inside out .

Even though they know Continental/Diaspora Afrikans cannot think like them just as they too cannot thinking Afrikan, they continue to fool Continental/Diaspora Afrikan by encouraging and rewarding them for thinking like them as a sign of their total submission to "White" supremacy and superiority over Continental/Diaspora Afrikans.

So, in any way, when Continental/Diaspora Afrikans are taught/trained to think "White," all their "White" masters expect of them is to accept blindly, totally, unconditionally, childlishly and naively everything "White" or Foreign and to hate, reject and shun everything Continental Afrikan.

To think "White" or Foreign and Anti-Afrikan is therefore the surest way to prevent ourselves from using positively and benefiting creatively from The Power of our Continental AfrikaMind WHICH ONCE ENABLED US TO BECOME THE CRADLE OF HUMANITY AND MOTHER OF TODAY'S WORLD CIVILIZATIONS which we did not become by disconnecting or uprooting or disconnecting ourselves from the Limitless Power and Benefits of our Mighty Continental AfrikaMind and Mentality as we are busy doing today .

Instead of using our Continental AfrikaMind to create, invent, discover positive things that will benefit our Continental/Diaspora Afrikan World and People, we prefer to copy, imitate and absorb the ideas and thoughts of others.

Because, like our Foreign Creators and financiers and allies , we believe we as members of the AfrikaRace or AfrikaPeople are incapable of thinking Continental Afrikan or constructively or scientifically or in a positive way that BENEFITS US AS ONE AFRIKARACE OR PEOPLE . And the only way out for us is to imitate how the "White" minds think.

In this way, the Eurocentric way of thinking is nothing but mental death and decay for the Continental AfrikaMind/Mentality .

It prevents Continental Afrikans from getting in touch with their Continental AfrikaMind .

Not only is it a crime for Continental Afrikans to continue to equate "White" minds with great ideas and accomplishments and Continental AfrikaMind with unimportant ideas and lesser feats.

So instead of trusting and using their Continental AfrikaMind/Mentality s to solve their daily problems like others do, most continental/Diaspora Afrikans falsely continue to look to great "White", ' Arab” and “Jewish” minds and "thinkers," "inventors," discoverers," "scientists," technocrats" etc. to think for them and solve their life's problems for them.

Throughout the entire "modern" continental/Diaspora Continental Afrikan World, the myth of the "superior White" minds to provide solutions to the world's problems is accepted and respected as the universal truth by the majority of "modern" Continental Afrikans.

Yet, we all know, to lose one's Continental AfrikaMind/Mentality is to lose the mental mastery and control of ourselves as Continental Afrikans.

To trade our Continental AfrikaMind/Mentality s with "White" minds is to condemn ourselves to perpetual puppets and easy preys for the controllers of our Continental AfrikaMind/Mentality s.

Taking pride in our colonial/slave mentalities can only transform us into mental slaves, dependents, and parrots of others.

While others are taught and trained to think big, the enslaved and colonized minds of "modern" continental/Diaspora Afrikans are conditioned into accepting and believing that thinking big is for others and not for them. Thinking small or piece-meal has become the order of the day.

Pro-status quo establishment thinking is considered the safest and fastest way of winning the trust and approval of the "White" world.

In this way, mental poverty and mental underdevelopment and deficiency have become the lot of so many "modern" Continental Afrikan "scholars" and "leaders."

This explains why in USA today, the "great" and "prosperous" "Black" "thinkers" are also "great entertainers and athletes."

As long as "Blacks" concentrate on making the "White" masters laugh, all will be alright.

The "Black" millionaires, political leaders and scholars are therefore expected to think in certain ways.

To think too Continental Afrikan, too much or too critical of the present mental enslavement, colonialism and control of the bulk of Continental Afrikans the world over are avoided at all cost.

Hence, the one-time great Continental Afrikan pyramid thinkers and great Continental Afrikan empire/kingdom builders are now crumbs thinkers condemned to become prisoners of "White" minds and mentality.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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